Dragon slaying and public holidays

>> St Georges Day
>> The Value of St George
Ahead of St Georges Day on Sunday, here are a couple of sites which are campaigning to make England’s patron saint’s day a public holiday. Survey results reveal that four-fifths of people would actively celebrate St Georges Day if the government declared a national holiday (no surprise there then!).
You’ll find a more information about the campaign and a list of St Georges Day events.
For background on St George himself check out
>> St Georges Day on BBC London
>> St George profile on BBC Religion
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Fuggy Fuggy: Ninja animation

Fuggy >> Fuggy Fuggy
I’ve said before that it’s difficult to do justice to online animations on the radio, but these highly entertaining animations which chronicle the adventures of a junior ninja-in-training are well worth a look.
Fuggy Fuggy must test himself against monsters, learn weapon-craft and spar with his Master to prove himself. What he lacks in technique, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm.

While we’re on the subject of ninjas, you may want to take this opportunity to broaden your ninja awareness:
>> Website of the Day (31/08/04) –  Ninja Burger

>> How to be a Ninja (tutorial)

>> Wikipedia: Ninja
>> How Stuff Works: Ninja
>> Ninja village and museum in Japan
>> Ninja museum in Iga City

>> The Sound of Vengeance (Ninja game)
(Thanks to the Brothers MacLeod for their extensive Ninja link research)

Valentine’s links

>> A Mobile Valentine
This site invites camera-phone owners to send Valentine-themed photos straight from their phones to the site. You can comment on every photo and the best submissions before the end of this week could win a new camera-phone or champagne

>> BBC Valentine WAP site
Here’s a Valentine mini-site you can view entirely on your mobile. Features include a flirting guide, Valentine’s quotes and how to cope with a flower allergy. Text the word BBC to 81010 to have the link sent to your phone, or view the whole thing using BBC Mobile’s web-based WAP Demo

>> Stupid Cupid

An online game in which you manoeuvre Cupid’s backside to bounce a ball against targets of Chocolates, Hearts and Roses

Hair Boutique

Hairboutique >> Hair Boutique
Considering swapping your bob for a mullet? This site should help you choose which style to go with. Their interactive style selector features a database of database of 3065 different styles, which you can narrow down by specifying criteria like gender, the shape of your face, approximate length of hair, colour, texture, and a loose category of style (wedding, business, casual, prom etc). You’ll also find a massive selection of features on celebrity hair and useful guides like “How to get on with your stylist

Send your name to Pluto

Pluto_mission >> Send your name to Pluto
Next year NASA is launching it’s first ever mission to Pluto – the ninth planet, and you can be on board (in name at least). Between now and September 15th, any web user can add their name to a CD-ROM which will be on board the space-craft, and print out a personalised certificate proving their involvement in the mission. This is the third time that NASA has opened its virtual doors and allowed the likes of us to send our names into space. Similar missions to Mars and the comet Tempel 1 have been hugely popular attracting over 3.5 million registrations.

The Haka

Website of the Day: Monday 22nd August

Haka_1>> Tourism New Zealand’s Interactive Haka
When it comes to pre-match sporting rituals, nothing comes close to the haka, used by New Zealand’s All Blacks. This interactive site from Tourism NZ lets you join in an animated haka by hitting your keyboard in time with the chant. You’ll also find information about the origins and meanings of this awe-inspiring ritual.

Newseum: Today’s Front Pages

Website of the Day: Tuesday August 2nd 2005

Newseum >> Newseum: Today’s Front Pages
This is an online version of an exhibit at Washington DC’s Museum of Interactive News. An animated interactive world map lets you click on a country or city in order to see a scan of the front pages of over 400 newspapers every day. In addition, the scans link to each newspaper’s official site for more comprehensive news coverage of the region concerned. Updated daily at 1730 (BST) this provides an excellent at-a-glance snapshot of global news.