Talk Like A Pirate Day

Talk Like A Pirate Day>> Talk Like A Pirate – UK branch
We first picked up on this excellent annual event in 2002 as a result of a fascinating feature in the Miami Herald. Four years on we’re delighted to see that Pirate Talk is now an international phenomenon with several sites devoted to Talk Like A Pirate Day. To participate in today’s celebrations, simply add a parrot and eye-patch and pepper your conversation with words like avast and references to plank-walking!
The US site offers pirate chat-up lines, personality tests, anglo-pirate translators and even some tips on Talking Like a Pirate … in German.
Meanhile the UK site has an event history plus free pirate ringtone downloads – boasting that

"If ye be sailin’ the high seas and’ve forgotten the finer points of yer accent, be pointin’ yer WAP-enabled mobile phone at, and ye can see our vocabulary guide on the go"

See also:
>> YouTube: Watch the trailer for a special Pirate edition of Wife Swap USA

Big Bubble

Bigbubble >> Big Bubble
It’s Day 79 in the Big Bubble tank and tankmates Nat (A 24 year old Glaswegian goldfish chef) and Sarah (22, a guppy promotions girl from Bradford) are both up for eviction. You can follow developments live on the Tank Cam or discover what the tankmates think of their fellow fish in the Diary Tank. I’m hoping that ex-roadie Dave (who travelled the world with Voodoo Death Fish) will win this year’s contest.

Little Britain re-enacted by Daleks

Littleskaro >> Dalek Lou and Dalek Andy at the optician
>> Dalek Sebastian has a crush on the Dalek Emperor
>> Dalek Vicki Pollard don’t know nuffink about no doctor
In spite of the finals taking place this weekend in Wimbledon and Berlin, the final that I’m most excited about is the final episode of this series of Doctor Who in which the Cybermen battle the Daleks for control off the Earth.
To the best of my knowledge Little Skaro is the only site on the web to feature Daleks re-enacting sketches from Little Britain.

For more information about BBC Three’s forthcoming Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood, keep an eye on leading fan site Torchwood News, or explore the official site for Torchwood House where Queen Victoria first encountered the Doctor.

Desperate Houseflies

Website of the Day: Wednesday 18th May

Houseflies_1  >> Desperate Houseflies
If you’re enjoying Channel 4’s post-modern glossy soap, you’ll almost certainly love this strip-cartoon spoof starring six suburban houseflies living in a picture-perfect neighbourhood called Diphtheria Lane. These character profiles give you a good idea what to expect:
“Lynette regrets giving up her free-wheeling lifestyle to raise a pile of undisciplined little maggots.
Former pesticide commercial model Gabrielle is having an extramarital affair with a blowfly in the garden.
Bree thinks patterning her life after the flies in Martha Stewart’s garbage is the road to true happiness.”

and so it goes on….

Yoga Kitty

Website of the Day: Monday October 4th 2004

Yogakitty_2>> Yoga Kitty
As 21st Century life gets busier and busier it can be hard to make time to keep fit, maintain your spiritual well-being, and look after your cat. So why not combine all three activities with Yoga Kitty’s unique yoga programme for man, woman and feline. Head straight for the videos – This is very funny indeed.

Ninja Burger

Website of the Day: Tuesday August 31st

ninjaburger>> Ninja Burger
This most covert of fast-food franchises promises “guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit Seppuku!”. Little is known about the company, but a glance at their history page reveals that Ninja Burger have played a role in many of the crucial events in late 20th century history from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the recording of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album. In addition to the Ninja Burger itself, the menu includes “French Fries of Our Ancestors” and “Onion Death Blossom”.

Get your own back on an email scammer.

Thanks to the lovely Mrs Website of the Day for drawing my attention to a brilliant story from BBC News Online. If you’ve been online for more than a year or two you may well have recieved an scam email offering you untold riches if you help an alleged "official" representing a foreign government or agency with a business transaction which essentially involves money laundering. The BBC News story concerns a group called who use their web and email expertise to have some fun at the expense of these email scammers.
>> Read the full (and very amusing) story here

Big Brother with Plasticine Animals

Website of the Day: Wednesday 7th July

pigbrother>> Pig Brother on BBC Cumbria
Tying in (very loosely!) with today’s Lake District theme, people whose interest in Big Brother is waning may want to switch their allegiance to BBC Cumbria’s spoof online reality series, which stars 8 animals made entirely from modelling clay who are taken out of their natural environment and locked in an ark moored off Maryport.. Video highlights from the Pig Brother house are posted on the site on Friday mornings with text updates at least twice a day. We’re quite taken with Frank the ‘scouse frog.

New specs for the ref…

rosetintedursAs I may have mentioned before, I know nothing about football, so I was one of the few people who didn’t bother watching England’s Euro 2004 swansong.

However, I couldn’t miss the fact that referee Urs Meier’s decision to disallow Sol Campbell’s header on Thursday evening was not very well received.

I had a number of emails the next day pointing out that Urs Meier has his own website on which he welcomes comments and emails. His official site was unavailable earlier today, presumably due to what Sally Boazman likes to call “sheer volume of traffic”, but if you want to try for yourself, you’ll find the link below.

In the meantime a collection of sites protesting about Mr Meier’s decisions have emerged over the weekend. Best of those is We Were Robbed which includes a page of the best Euro 2004 viral emails currently in circulation but Dodgy Refs is also worth a look.

STOP PRESS: (Tuesday June 29th) Thanks to Sandy McDermott who emailed me to tip me off about – a new petition site to vote for Video Replay facilities in football, (as we already have in Rugby, Hockey and American Football) to allowing the official to look at the incident at pitch side and make an informed decision on whether to allow a particular point.

Finally, if you’re quick, Ebay are currently taking bids on Urs Meier’s Rose Tinted Spectacles.


>> Urs Meier: Official Site
>> We Were Robbed
>> Bid on Urs Meier’s rose-tinted spectacles

Paradise for Dogs?

Do you love your dog enough to send it to live on a canine island paradise? I know I’m no great intellect but I had to read this several times to realise that it’s definitely a wind-up:
“Over 2,500 dogs are already enjoying a better life at Dog Island. Separated from the anxieties of urban life, dogs on Dog Island live a natural, healthy and happy life, with almost limitless space, and tens of thousands of rabbits”.

>> Dog Island: Free Forever

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