Young Bond Game / Google Chrome

>> Young Bond: The Shadow War

Free alternative reality online game based on Charlie Higson’s novels about James Bond’s school days at Eton College

>> Google Chrome

New from Google – a web broswer introduced as a possible alternative to Internet Explorer or Firefox and designed for maximum speed and simplicity when using video sites, web mail, or online office suites.
(Currently Windows only, but versions for Mac and Linux to follow.)

Virtual tourism / escapism

On a damp and dismal British Friday, thoughts inevitably turn to beaches and other exotic destinations:

>> Fabsearch
This new travel site trawls glossy magazines like Vogue, Tatler, and Vanity Fair for their best travel tips and features and archives them online by source and location. Site visitors can peruse the features for free and "clip" interesting sections in a "my clippings" file.

>> AfterSunrise
This a great escapist stressbuster – Watch videos of the sunrise on Miami Beach. Each short clip features beautiful beach views, soothing sounds and feelgood quotes from Miami’s early risers talking about what they’re looking forward to doing on the day of that sunrise.

>> Friday Game: Mynci Beach Volleyball
Where turquoise cartoon animals take on brown cartoon animals in a battle for oceanside volleyball supremacy .

Friday quick links

>> Doctor Who Advent Calendar
Highlights so far include:
  • Merry Christmas from David and Kylie video
  • Christmas short story – The Frozen
  • Companions Quiz
  • Printable Christmas Cards
  • Unreleased Murray Gold Track – The Old Rugged Cross
with lots more to come before the 2007 Christmas epsiode
>> About My Place
Zoomy-inny maps go 3D! Just like Google Earth, but you don’t have to download it first, this lets you choose from an overhead view of your house, or satellite views from North, South, East or West
  • Accept that you can’t dance
  • Vow that never again will you perform a pelvic thrust
  • No singing, mauling, or woop-wooping
  • Keep things VERY simple
>> Game of the week: Hair Style
Wholly in Japanese, so this animated hair-styling game is slightly baffling, but cute and compelling in equal measure!

Do The Green Thing

>> Do The Green Thing
I’ve featured plenty of sites devoted to tackling climate change – All of them are admirable, lots are highly interactive, but too many of them can be a bit po-faced. So I was pleased to find this green site which manages to convey an environmental message with a good dose of fun and creativity:

Green Thing is for those of us – and there’s a lot of us – who don’t get turned on by the tree-hugging thing, the guilt thing, the scientific thing or the world-is-at-an-end thing. Green Thing is an easy thing, a fun thing, a creative thing and a community thing

So the site asks you to do a different green thing each month, and encourages you to do that green thing with help from a little video clip, or game or audio download. November’s green thing asks you to ‘turn your lights off early and have some fun in the dark.”

Friday Quick links

>> Hands Up Now
Contribute a virtual handprint to an online gallery to show your support for Anti-Bullying Week
(see also Anti-Bullying Alliance)

>> Doodle
Online game in which your doodled stick-man has to jump from squiggle to squiggle on the page of a notebook, avoiding enemy erasers and other malevolent doodles

>> YouTube clip of the week: Mamma Mia performed on empty bottles
Straight from Good Morning Denmark, here is Scandanavia’s leading bottle orchestra recreating Abba’s classic using only their mouths and a row of about 30 bottles.

Friday Quick Links

The official site for Remembrance Day lets you donate online to the Poppy Appeal, download poppy wallpaper for your mobile, and add a virtual poppy to your Facebook page.

>> Real World Racer
An online racing game which uses the satelite view from Google Maps as your bespoke racetrack. Difficult to master, but worth persevering!

Friday Quick Links

>> World Car Free Day
Tomorrow is World Car Free Day – so a good time to remind people about this excellent walking route planner. It currently covers London, Birmingham and Edinburgh with the rest of the UK to follow by late 2008.
>> Read Miles’ original review

>> Rugby World Cup on Five Live
>> Five Live: Drop Kick Rugby Trivia Game
Choose which country you compete as to determine the difficulty of the questions you encounter in Five Live’s new animated rugby trivia game.

>> How to activate the secret Flight Simulator feature in Google Earth
>> Marco’s Blog: Google Earth Flight Simulator >> Download Google Earth
>> Read Miles’ original Google Earth Review

Video Clip of the week: Virtuoso Scratching Demonstration