Osama Loves

Osama the Banker, 31, from London >> Osama Loves
This is interesting – A Dave Gorman-influenced quest from 2 London-based Muslims (in collaboration with Channel 4), to find and meet 500 people who share the same name. In the process, they hope to change many people’s perception of Islam:

"By meeting 500 people who share nothing but their first name, I want to show that, whatever the cultural or religious background, we all love much the same things. (Well… that’s the plan!)
For the next 50 days I’ve got a perfect excuse to do what I like best: chat to strangers. The only difference is, this time they will all be called Osama!"

Long-standing listeners will know that I like a pointless quest, so it’s nice to see a quest/travelogue which aims to do someting a bit more positive. If you know an Osama who they haven’t yet featured on the site, you can submit a photo or video to help them get closer to their target of 500 Osamas.

World In One City

>> World in One City
Londoners Alex Horne and Owen Powell are approaching the end of their one year quest to prove that London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world. To do this they aim to meet and chat to a citizen from every country in the world who currently lives and works in London. With 7 days remaining, they have 12 countries left to find. Read about their adventures and see if you can help them find their last 12 international ex-pats.
Also mentioned today:
>> The Cliché Rotation Project
A site which aims to replace all overtired clichés with fresher equivalents of similar meaning. Thus ‘Born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ is replaced by ‘Born with a venture capitalist in the family’ and so on.


Wikihow >> WikiHow
First things first … a wiki is defined here as "a web site that anyone can write and anyone can edit". You’ll doubtless already be aware of Wikipedia – which now has over 7 million articles and ranks among the top twenty most-visited websites worldwide.
If Wikipedia is a living, breathing encyclopedia with as much detail on popular culture as it has on science, history and philosophy, then WikiHow is like an instruction book for everyday life.
WikiHow’s 18 thousand (and counting) ‘How To’ guides aim to explain and demystify the kind of bizarre but routine challenges or chores we face every day – from tiling a shower to wiggling your ears via playing guitar like Eddie Van Halen. Keep an eye on this one – it’s well on the way to becoming indispensible.

Interactive Pavlov’s Dog

>> Nobel Foundation: Interactive Pavlov’s Dog
Until today we’d never tried recreating a Nobel Prize-winning experiment on Website of the Day. But now, thanks to this nifty online exhibit on the Nobel Foundation site, you can try training a cartoon dog to salivate to order in true Pavlovian style!

World Book Day 10

Worldbookday10 >> World Book Day 10
Last year I described the main World Book Day site as a wasted opportunity.
This new site to mark the event’s 10th birthday still seems a bit pedestrian compared to some of my favourite literary sites but it’s a big improvement on last year’s effort.
Features include a vote for the 10 Books Your Can’t Live Without, a competition to win a spa weekend by identifying which book featured particular quotations, and a quiz which challenges you to guess which favourite book is shared by a pair of authors or celebrities.


Geograph >> Geograph
Today is the second birthday of this interesting and rather addictive site, which aims to assemble a photographic archive of the whole of the UK, comprising photos submitted entirely by site visitors.
The nation is broken down into square kilometre grids and the first photo submitted to represent each grid is known as a geograph. More than 50% of the grids are already represented and the site now boasts over 350,000 images of local landmarks submitted by 3750 photographers.
Geograph was (deservedly) voted Best Travel Site in Yahoo’s “Finds Of The Year 2006” awards.

100 Jobs

Hats off to Oliver Davies of Middleborough, who spent 5 months “getting turned down for a whole range of jobs that I’m perfectly qualified for, so I decided to apply for 100 jobs that I’m clearly not suited for and see what happens”. Oliver’s blog chronicles the success (or otherwise) of his applications for roles including:
• Male Escort
• Head of Programme Acquisition at Chanenl 4
• Chief Executive of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
• Artistic Director for the International Dance Festival Ireland.
• Guitarist in Thrash Metal band Bleed The Sky.
• Part-time Antelope Keeper with the Oregon Wildlife Foundation