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Girls Aloud at Gt Ormond St

GirlsaloudI’m not going to get a chance to mention this on air today, but I’ve just heard that Girls Aloud are down at down at Great Ormond Street Hospital today giving away Zen Micro mp3 jukeboxes to the children who will be hospital there over Christmas.

Girls Aloud will also be signing an extra 10 Zen Micros to be auctioned on eBay between December 22nd and Christmas Day, with all proceeds going to BBC Children in Need

The Zen Micro is a similar device to Apple’s much touted iPod Mini, but has some extra features including more memory (and a wider choice of funky colours), longer battery life plus a spare replaceable battery and a built-in FM radio. Keep an eye on this site for some mp3 player reviews in the New Year.

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