The World’s First Sat-Com (and Talking Pets)

>> 230 Miles Of Love

This is almost certainly a world first. 230 Miles Of Love is a sat-com; a series of comedy sketches about the M6 which are distributed by sat-nav.
Each sketch is an mp3 file, which you download from the site and add to your sat-nav in the same way as you install any map updates. Drivers on the M6 will hear each sketch automatically as soon as they reach relavant points on the motorway. (But you can listen on your computer or mp3 player even if you’re nowhere near the M6).

The downloads are available in pre and post-watershed versions. The fruitier language is bleeped out on the former version.
The site is free-to-use and is being used as a way to raise profile and awareness for disability charity Motivation. Listeners who enjoy the sketches are asked to consider making a donation to Motivation.

>> Talking Pets

This is clever – and fun. Upload a photo of your favourite cat or dog, choose from a range of voices, add accessories (like hats or sunglasses) and type in a short sentence. Then a bit of web-based sorcery will animate your pet’s mouth, and you’ll see and hear it speaking the words you have just typed.
You can email the results to a friend or just enjoy the results for yourself. For many of us, this is the closest we’ll ever get to an appearance on The Nation’s Most Talented Pets.

Online breath testing, Darwin online, Google Earth for charities and new features

Something Worthy
>> Google Earth Outreach
This new initiative aims to give charities and non-profit organisations the tools to showcase their fundraising activities to a mass audience via Google Maps and Google Earth.

Something New
>> The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online
Until now Darwin’s original handwritten manuscripts were only available to scholars at Cambruidge University – Now his work has been put online from Voyage of the Beagle to the Theory of Evolution. Choose to view the scanned manuscripts or put the mp3 versions on your iPod!

>> Google Earth Updated
“New! in Google Earth 4.3

  • Photo-realistic buildings from cities around the world
  • Dawn to dusk views with the Sunlight feature
  • Swoop navigation from outer space to street-level"

Something funny
>> Test Your Breath
Laugh-out-loud funny: Breath into your computer’s microphone (or type in details of your last meal) to get an assessment of how fresh (or otherwise)your breath is.

Sport Relief, Magazine Covers and Long Things

Something worthy:
>> Sign up for the Sports Relief Mile
The big focus for this year’s fundraising effort is the Sports Relief mile on Sunday March 16th – in which anyone (regardless of fitness level) can participate in one of hundreds of different events at athletic tracks all over the country. Find your nearest track or register online at the official Sport Relief site.
Something fun:
>> Mag My Pic
Upload a photo of your choice and mock up a cover of one of 12 glossy magazines including Vogue, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Maxim and Rolling Stone. When you have created your magazine cover you can choose to post it straight to a blog, MySpace or Facebook – or to allow other people to rate it in an online gallery.

Something largely pointless but still oddly compulsive:
>> The longest list of the longest stuff at the longest domain name at long last
This site is a long alphabetical list of fairly random categories. (dog tongue, fjord, poker game, pizza etc etc). Simply click on a category name to learn about the longest thing in that category.

Friday quick links

>> Doctor Who Advent Calendar
Highlights so far include:
  • Merry Christmas from David and Kylie video
  • Christmas short story – The Frozen
  • Companions Quiz
  • Printable Christmas Cards
  • Unreleased Murray Gold Track – The Old Rugged Cross
with lots more to come before the 2007 Christmas epsiode
>> About My Place
Zoomy-inny maps go 3D! Just like Google Earth, but you don’t have to download it first, this lets you choose from an overhead view of your house, or satellite views from North, South, East or West
  • Accept that you can’t dance
  • Vow that never again will you perform a pelvic thrust
  • No singing, mauling, or woop-wooping
  • Keep things VERY simple
>> Game of the week: Hair Style
Wholly in Japanese, so this animated hair-styling game is slightly baffling, but cute and compelling in equal measure!

World In One City

>> World in One City
Londoners Alex Horne and Owen Powell are approaching the end of their one year quest to prove that London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world. To do this they aim to meet and chat to a citizen from every country in the world who currently lives and works in London. With 7 days remaining, they have 12 countries left to find. Read about their adventures and see if you can help them find their last 12 international ex-pats.
Also mentioned today:
>> The Cliché Rotation Project
A site which aims to replace all overtired clichés with fresher equivalents of similar meaning. Thus ‘Born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ is replaced by ‘Born with a venture capitalist in the family’ and so on.

The World Beard and Moustache Championships

>> The World Beard and Moustache Championships
>> The Handlebar Moustache Club
Tomorrow the UK hosts the World’s premiere competitive facial hair event for the first time in history. Find out more about the event and its organisers – The Handlebar Club of London (founded by legendary comedian Jimmy Edwards in 1947).

The Pete Collective

>> The Pete Collective
The current world record for the largest public gathering of people who share the same name is held by over 1,500 "Mohammeds" who assembled in a park in Dubai in February 2005
The Pete Collective hopes to smash this record by recruiting at least 2,000 Peters, Petes or Petas or Pedros. This is the official website and fan club of anybody who shares that name, featuring news, photos, merchandise, event information, record updates and more.

Create your Simpsons Avatar

Simpsmiles >> Create your Simpsons Avatar
If you look at sites like Facebook or MySpace regularly you may have noticed a flurry of unfamiliar Simpsons cartoons replacing your friends’ photos in recent weeks.
This is all down to this excellent feature on the official site for The Simpsons Movie, which lets you create a customised Simpsons character in your own image, add it to any web page or blog or email to a friend.


Flickrvision >> Flickrvision
We’ve talked about hugely popular photo-sharing site Flickr before on the programme. Flickrvision takes advantage of Flickr’s mapping features to display the site’s most recently uploaded photos on a zoomable world map or 3D spinning globe.
If you want to search for a photo of a specific thing in an equally specific location, it’s worth watching this simple video tutorial to work out how to track down pictures of Brie in Brussels
See also:
>> Miles’ original review of Flickr

Weird Converter

>> Weird Converter
There are many useful sites which will automatically convert currencies or units of weight, height, speed or temperature. For those standard conversions, Online is pretty impressive. However many people relate better to less conventional units of measurement – for example mars bars and loaves of bread are often used as measures of inflation.
And that’s where Weird Converter comes in. Here you can convert not only from from inches to feet or metres, but from inches to cockroach, small intestine, giraffe’s neck or Great Wall of China or from kilogram to chicken, spider monkey or Jennifer Anniston.