No more Website of the Week?

In case anyone has been wondering where the updates have been recently, or when I'll be back on the radio, I thought it was probably time to explain what's going on.

Eagle-eared listeners will have noticed that Website of the Day quietly morphed into Website of the Week at the start of this year. And equally quietly, we wrapped up Website of the Week on the radio on Friday October 17th.

The feeling was that after almost 9 years, the feature had run its course. While there are always new sites to talk about, it's become harder and harder to find non-commercial sites which offer something completely new and different, but still have a broad appeal for Steve's afternoon audience. So Steve suggested (and I agreed) that while it was still enjoyable (for us at least, and hopefully for you as well) we should shelve the feature before we start to repeat ourselves.

When we first discussed ending the on-air feature, I thought I might keep posting a few good webby discoveries on this site… BUT we're now one month on, and I think the fact that I've not had the time (or to be honest, the inclination) to post during that time, means that it's unlikely to happen at all. But Never Say Never and all that… so if I do change my mind then you may see a few more updates here one day.

In the meantime this site will stay online as a complete searchable and browsable archive of all the sites we featured on the show from May 2004 to October 2009. And there's always Website of the Day – The Book which is a couple of years old now, and consequently very cheap. Still a good read though (I would say that, but it's true!)

As for what I'm up to next, I'm off to Radio 4 for the first few months of 2009, to work on the very excellent Saturday Live and learn how to make speech programmes.

Thanks to anyone who's ever sent me a suggestion of a site I could feature. The feedback and suggestions have always been very much appreciated. And if you've never been in touch but have ever enjoyed listening or clicking on any of the links I suggested, thanks for that too.


Autumn 2009