Give Or Take

>> Give Or Take
I’ve talked about charity shopping portals and cashback sites before on the programme. Give or Take lets you do most of your Christmas shopping online but gives you the flexibility to choose whether you’ll get cashback for the privilege or donate to charity at no extra cost to yourself.
The site is well laid-out and easy to use with simple instructions. Say you usually buy books or cds online from WH Smiths, Woolworths or Amazon … You can still buy from them, but instead of going straight to their site, you start by going to GiveOrTake, which generates a comission fee from your chosen retailer. You then have the choice of getting that commision as a cashback, or donating it (in full) to the charity of your choice.


One Response to “Give Or Take”

  1. dave price Says:

    Thanks Miles for bringing this to my attention – I heard it on the radio on my way home from work. ‘Fired up’ the laptop as soon as I got in and registered. Hopefully I can raise some money for charaties in the coming months !!

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