Spiderman, Gumball & Pinball

>> Take part in the Spiderman 3 web photo mosaic
Spiderman 3 opens a week today. In the run-up to the film’s launch you’re invited to upload a photo to webshots.com for inclusion in a web-based photo-mosaic that will appear on the film’s official site.

>> Gumball 3000
This event (which starts in London on Sunday) is a 3000 mile drive across 3 continents featuring what organisers describe as “the who’s who of international society and pop culture” – In practice that seems to mean a few supermodels, Jay Kay and Huey from Fun Lovin Criminals. Video clips of the participants will be posted regularly on a dedicated Gumball channel of video sharing site Metacafe

>> Starsky and Hutch Pinball
>> Superdudes Extreme Pinball
Just like real pinball, but free – and online. Remember – flip, but don’t tilt!!


>> Finetune
This is a useful service for listening to some of your favourite music online and for discovering new music from similar artists. Type in the name of a favourite artist to see a biography of that act, a list of their most popular tracks and a play now button. You can immediately start listening to a playlist featuring your chosen act and related artists – or register to create a custom playlist of up to 45 tracks of your choice. All playlists can be shared on your blog or myspace page.
Unlike rival service Pandora, you don’t need a US zip code to listen without interruptions – but you will find that many office firewalls will stop you listening to Finetune at work


>> Mobyko
This impressive free service can be set up to automatically backup all the numbers in your mobile phone’s address book to a secure online locker. No software or cables are needed and the service claims to work for 90% of current UK handsets – over 150 different models.
Samsung and LG owners should be aware that the Mobyko service does not fully support their handsets (but they – and all other mobile users – can still use the service to store text messages, photos & videos taken from their mobile)

UK Pub & Bar Guide

>> Pint Price
>> Beer in the Evening
In the wake of a rather bacchanalian birthday celebration last night, today felt like an appropriate day for a couple of hop-fermented sites.
PintPrice does what it says on the tin – listing the price (in sterling) for a pint of beer in 122 different countries.
Beer in the Evening is my favourite online guide to the UKs best pubs. Search for a pub by name or by location, rate or review a pub yourself or try the London Pub Crawl Generator which will create a custom pub-crawl for you based on either geography or pub initials!

Interactive London Underground Accessibility Guide

Directenquiries_lu >> Direct Enquiries: Interactive London Underground Accessibility Guide
Last year we told you about The Nationwide Access Register which aims to be a single source of information regarding access and facilities for any UK building that is open to the general public.
This reflects not only disability access, but also pushchair access, baby changing facilities or simply provision of public toilets.
The latest feature to be added to the site will be especially useful to people visiting London for a shopping or theatre break. Direct Enquiries has just launched a complete guide to accessibility on the London Underground – so if you arrive at Kings Cross or Victoria with heavy luggage or a child in a buggy, you’ll be able to plan your tube journey to avoid stations which lack lifts, ramps or trolly access.

Doggy Snaps

Doggysnaps >> Doggysnaps
Last November I alerted you to Perch Engine and described it as MySpace for anglers. But until now I’ve failed to bring you a site offering social networking for dog lovers. So let’s smash the champagne over the hull of Doggysnaps which invites you to “upload, share and comment on canine photos and yap about all things dogs”
When you have registered you will be taken to ‘your kennel’ which is where you organise yours and your dog’s profile, upload photos and ‘describe your pooch’s personality’. From the kennel it’s easy to browse other users profiles, comment on pictures, add them to your favourites, and ‘sniff around for other dogs’!
STOP PRESS: Steve asked if there was a similar service for cat fans – For that take a look at Catster which we featured on Website of the Day back in August 2005.


Wikihow >> WikiHow
First things first … a wiki is defined here as "a web site that anyone can write and anyone can edit". You’ll doubtless already be aware of Wikipedia – which now has over 7 million articles and ranks among the top twenty most-visited websites worldwide.
If Wikipedia is a living, breathing encyclopedia with as much detail on popular culture as it has on science, history and philosophy, then WikiHow is like an instruction book for everyday life.
WikiHow’s 18 thousand (and counting) ‘How To’ guides aim to explain and demystify the kind of bizarre but routine challenges or chores we face every day – from tiling a shower to wiggling your ears via playing guitar like Eddie Van Halen. Keep an eye on this one – it’s well on the way to becoming indispensible.

My Google Maps

Mygooglemaps >> My Google Maps
Long-time listeners will know that I’m a great fan of Google Maps for simplicity and ease of use whether planning a route, looking for your back garden on the satellite view, or just checking a location. The service is regularly updated, with the latest enhancement allowing you to personalise and annotate any Google map with markers, notes, descriptions, photos, videos and lines or shapes to mark specific routes or locations. See also
>> My Google Maps User Guide
>> April 2005: Original Google Maps review
>> July 2005: New features on Google Maps
>> October 2006: Live Travel News Map
>> January 2007: Wedding Mapper

STOP PRESS: I’ve had plenty of emails since this feature aired reminding me that the team behind Google Maps have a good sense of humour. Try this:
1) Go to Google Maps
2) Click on "get directions"
3) Type " New York " in the first box (the "from" box)
5) Type " London " in the second box (the "to" box)
6) Click "Get Directions"
7) Read and scroll down to step #23
8) Blow up your armbands.

Scissors, Paper, Stone, Alien, Monkey, Cockroach, Moon etc

Rps25 >> World RPS
>> RPS 25
Internationally, the ancient manual strategy game that we know as Scissors, Paper, Stone is known as Rock Paper Scissors, or RPS. If you find the conventional RPS game a bit too safe and predictable, try your hand (pun intended) at RPS 25, which adds twenty two extra hand signals to the original three! In RPS 25 cockroach beats wolf and sponge, alien beats dragon and sun, and monkey beats bowl and moon.
Check the full list of 300 possible game outcomes or play RPS 25 online

Live Earth

Liveearth >> Register for the ticket ballot for Live Earth London
>> Live Earth: Official site
>> Live Earth on MSN
>> BBC News: Madonna heads UK Live Earth bill
Live Earth is a massive international musical event taking place on 7 continents on 07 July 2007 as away of highlighting awareness of climate change. While the TV coverage is expected to concentrate on the London concert, web users will be able to watch the entire global event online at MSN http://www.liveearth.msn.com/ The London concert at Wembley Stadium features Genesis, Keane, Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers among many others. Tickets for the London gig will be allocated by an online ballot which runs from midday tomorrow (13 April) until noon on Monday.
The Live Earth official site has information about the event’s aims and one of the most extensive pages of links devoted to climate change that I’ve seen to date.