Doctor Who, Any Dream Will Do and Radio Times

>> Dr Who Online
Of the many unofficial Doctor Who sites this is one of the most popular and longest established. It’s a thoroughly comprehensive reference source for die-hard fans and features regular Q&As with cast members and production crew past and present.
But there’s also a handy beginners guide to help more recent converts get to grips with the Doctor’s adventures in the days before David Tenant and Christopher Ecclestone. From tomorrow onwards watch out for Vortextra – updated after each week’s episode with new quizzes, facts and games specific to each new story.

>> Joseph: Any Dream Will Do
As well as the timelord’s new adventures, the residents of Website of the Day Towers will also be glued to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new talent show which aims to cast a forthcoming West End production of Joseph And His Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat.

The online version of the Beeb’s TV & Radio listings guide has gained a range of digital-friendly features this week, including a guide to all TV shows available for legal download, a podcast directory and detailed guides to the 50 most popular shows (such as Lost, Doctor Who, ER & Peep Show)

YouTube Awards 2006

Ytawards >> YouTube Awards
>> BBC News: YouTube names best video winners
YouTube was one of the web’s biggest success stories of 2006. The world’s biggest site for uploading and sharing short video clips has had over 100 million uploaded in less that 2 years and is now used by over 1 in 8 of all UK internet users. But with so many videos on one site it can be hard for first-time visitors to find their way to the clips that are really worth seeing.
The winners of the inaugural YouTube annual awards are a good place to start showing the best videos in categories including music, comedy, commentary, Most Adorable and Most Inspirational.


Here’s another fantastically useful site for people thinking of moving house in England or Wales. Just type in the postcode to find facts and figures about local amenities, local crime rates and property prices, plus pollution and air quality ratings and the risk of flooding or subsidence.

Slave Trade Petition

>> Parliament and the British Slave Trade 1600-1807
Sunday also marks the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British Slave Trade act. To coincide with that the Parliamentary Archives have launched a site showcasing a digital version of the biggest surviving anti slave trade petition.
People are invited to go online to look for their ancestors so that the views of the living relatives can be included in a more elaborate site which is due to launch in May. See also:
>> BBC Radio 3: Abolition Season

World Time Server

>> World Time Server
After the clocks change overnight on Saturday, this is invaluable for checking the correct time in any city anywehere in the world

Play It Again

>> Play It Again
BBC One’s new series in which celebrities including Jo Brand, Bill Oddie and Lord Winstone learn to play musical instruments is the launch-pad for a pan-BBC project.
Just as Who Do You Think You Are kick-started a lot of people’s interest in researching family history, this aims to do the same for learning an instrument.
You can sign for free events across the UK, in which anyone can play or sing with a BBC orchestra or choir, or just watch video tutorials for a range of rock and classical instruments

Arise Sir Elton

Revamped to coincide with Sir Elton’s 60th birthday on Sunday, this official site now has a greater emphasis on video clips and enhanced multimedia content. Happy Birthday Reg. See also:
>> Radio 2: The Continuing Adventures of Captain Fantastic