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Hello, Miles here.

If you’ve come to this site deliberately you’ll probably know me as the webby bloke on Steve Wright’s show on Radio 2. This site was launched in May 2004 as a kind of companion to the Website of the Day pages on the official Radio 2 site. You’ll find a lot of the same content here, but this isn’t part of the BBC site, so bear in mind that what you read here is my opinion, and not that of the BBC.

What’s the site for? Three things really:

* To provide more information about the Website of the Day selections than I am able to do on the Radio 2 site, and to make it easier for you to find links to those sites. All links are archived here both by date and by category.

* To showcase various sites which haven’t featured on Website of the Day. Some of those sites may feature on the show at some point in the future, the rest are sites which I like but which aren’t suitable for the show either because they’re too commercial and you have to pay to use them, or because there’s not enough to say about them to fill five minutes of radio

* To show how easy it is to create a simple site using a ‘blog’ service. For those that don’t know, blog is short for web log. At its simplest a blog is a web-based, regularly updated journal, on which the newest content always appears at the top of the page. Blogs also typically carry copious links to other sites. Some blogs are updated many times a day, some only when their owner feels they have something to say. And blogs usually provide a space for readers to add comments, making it easy for readers to interract with a site’s creator. Website of the Day’s guide to some of the different Blogging services is here.

My plan is to add links to this site as I find them, so hopefully you’ll find far more good stuff here than I am able to cover on the radio.

Please feel free to email me or use the comments system on this site to suggest sites for me to feature on the programme. When posting a comment please bear in mind that your suggestions (and your email address if you enter it) will be visible to other users of this site.

Bye for now


97 Responses to “About This Site”

  1. Janet Williams Says:

    Have been listening to Steve’s show on the way home for ages (lies….. usually have a CD on in the car, so this was a rare occasion when I was at home with the radio on!!!!). Anyway, yesterday’s site of the day was excellent.

    The cooking by numbers site is excellent. A lot of fun, as well as a super investive way of thinking of ideas for our evening meal.

    Thanks Miles – will be cheking out your site more regularly – without me having to forego my CD music in the car!!!

  2. charles ryan Says:

    Came across this website the other day and thought it was a brillient idea. The reason I say this is because I travel to London to work from my home in Bristol, leaving on a Sunday night and arriving back home late on Friday night. Since finding this website I have worked out how expensive it is for me travelling to and from work and would love the opportunity to work closer to home and spending more time with my family. It would be worth taking a substantial drop in my salary to achieve this. I am currently seeking another similar job in the Avon area. Great show.

  3. Andrew Broderick Says:

    Hi Miles listen to your show Steve Ok!Went for a walk with the dogs a week or so ago and noticed a strange plant and wonderwd what the dickens it was and thought it would be a great idea if there was a site where one could E Mail a picture of it and there would be a “Expert” who would identify it and E mail back a answer

  4. Tony Says:


    you fairly recently mentioned a site which gives common miss-spellings/typos for items on Ebay. I have searhed your site and can’t find it, any chance of listing it again please


  5. Miss Harding Says:

    With lots of us working & away from home more than 30 hours per week – BorrowADog.net was set up for all genuine dog lovers to benefit from – currently offering a free advert to all owners & borrowers anywhere in the UK.

  6. Alicia Butler Says:

    3 wedding songs for wedding disco:

    YMCA – The Village People
    I’m so Excited – The Pointer Sisters
    I’m a Believer – The Monkees

  7. Laura Justham Says:

    Miles, My husband and I were married just over a year ago and we created our own CD selections for our wedding disco. Some of my personal favourites that had to make an appearance were “baggy trousers” by Madness, “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight runners and “Reach” by SClub7. I hope this helps you to create your ultimate wedding disco!!!

  8. Laura Bell Says:


    My top three selections which would make any wedding go off with a bang are – ‘My everything’ (Barry White), ‘You to me are everything’ (The Real thing) and ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones. Essential wedding disco tunes!


  9. fiona lane Says:

    Wedding songs

    summer of 69 Bryan Adams
    It must be love Madness (as a slowy obviously)

    and it’s gotta be the Grease Megamix to complete the trio, I went to a wedding once where that was actually their wedding song!

  10. Annie O'Neill Says:

    3 wedding songs

    Anything by Madness
    Come on Eileen – Dexy’s
    La Bamba

  11. Alex Smith Says:

    3 disco songs

    YMCA – Village People
    Build Me Up Buttercup – Foundations
    This Ol’ Heart Of Mine – Isley Bros

  12. Rob Fyffe Says:

    Re: Ultimate wedding songs

    Hi Miles,

    A couple of suggestions:

    Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York New York’ seems to played at every social gathering and is a guaranteed ‘floor filler’!

    If you get married in Merseyside, it is compulsory to play Gerry & The Pacemakers ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at the end of the night, after a few drinks even some Everton fans sing along to it!

  13. angela o'connor Says:

    Must have Wedding Disco songs are:

    My First My Last My Everything (Barry White)
    Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
    Can’t Take my Eyes off You (Andy Williams)

    I challenge anyone to stay seated when these come on!!

  14. Ken Rowley Says:

    Must have wedding disco songs are:
    There’ll never be anyone else but you for me. Ricky Nelson. {You may have to really huntfor this one Circa 1960}
    Lady in Red Chris DeBurgh
    You Look Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton

    Ken Rowley

  15. Chris Brown Says:

    Fine Young Canibals – Good Thing (always gets them off their bums)
    Stereo MCs – Step It Up
    Steve Harley – Make Me Smile

  16. Steve Holmes Says:

    No wedding will ever survive without these —-

    ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ by the Communards – GUARANTEED BEST WEDDING DANCE SONG EVER

    ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA – Who can have a Wedding without this !

    ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ Marvin Gaye – One of the smoochiest songs EVER !

  17. Gary Fowler Says:

    3 Essential wedding songs from a wedding DJ:

    Bee Gees – Stayin Alive
    (Announce that you’d like to see some fantastic 70’s dance moves)

    Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free

    Daydream Believer – The Monkees
    (after last dance as an extra one, get everyone on the dance floor singing it as loud as they can for great atmosphere)

  18. Dave M Says:

    Hi Miles, With reference to the wedding songs requests, can you tell us which songs were played at your freinds wedding and i hope everything went well,

  19. David Jenkins Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I would wish to have my website considered for the Site of the day, and hope that you will be able to inform me of what I need to do to make this possible.

    It is http://www.footballaid.com. We are a charity, hosting experiential events at Football Clubs up and down the UK allowing supporters of Clubs to live their dream by playing in an officiated match on the hallowed turf of the Club they support.

    Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to make contact.

    Yours sincerely


  20. john marsh Says:

    i was telling a friend about your slot on s.wrights progamme and he wondered if you new a website that would convert a photo to a sketch drawing .this is allready done in some photo booths so the programme is out their somewhere .could you do a spot on holiday hotel/apartment review sites i have not had a bad holiday since i started useing them e.g.
    holidaysuncovered holidaytruths holidaysexposed
    holidaywatchdog realholidayreports tripadvisor etc. all the best both john

  21. Roy petty Says:

    Google listed this site when browsing for christmas cards.It is a nice interactive site for christmas.

  22. lorraine moore Says:

    I know you did an article about antivirus not long ago.The problem i have is that we have the trojan virus,we also have anti virus firewall but we cant get rid of it will we have to reboot the computer

  23. Good Old Deepak Says:

    I have learned a lot from your website. It is full of important informations and very educational. I check it every day.

  24. Will derner Says:

    Is there a site where grumpy old men can have a whinge? if not, why not start one and have ‘whinge of the day’ on your Steve Wright slot. Keep up the good work. Will

  25. Sarah Says:

    Hi Miles,

    You recently featured a site which gives common miss-spellings/typos for items on Ebay.

    I have searched your site and can’t find it, any chance of listing it again please



  26. Mac Says:

    Hi Miles

    Thanks for some really interesting webby bits.

    Do take a look at BookCrossing, a release-to-the-wild scheme for books

    I use this to tag & recycle all my old paperbacks and sometime, just sometimes, I get to see where they have gone http://bookcrossing.com/mybookshelf/MooseOnTheTable

    Recently I left one in the back of a cab and it went off to Mexico on holiday !

    There’s a press section too:


  27. bob tyrone mikytre Says:

    chicken salsa is not eaten much why?

  28. sarah lucas Says:

    Usually catch the last half hour of the show on my way home from school and i love it, good guests and excellent variety of music. Always listen to the website of the day with interest and sometimes use them in school eg trip round the body. Dont like the archive though, catagories are too wide….couldn’t you add an alphabetical search as well?

  29. Charles Ryan Says:

    I would wish to have my website considered for the Site of the day, and hope that you will be able to inform me of what I need to do to make this possible.

    It is http://www.jobswap.net The site is free to enrole and is created for people who travel some distance to their workplace. It allows other people who also travel considerable distances to contact each other and swapjobs to be nearer their home saving a small fortune in travelling expences.

    Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to make contact.

    Yours sincerely


  30. Shellie Says:

    Hi there Miles

    Thankfully because of the nature of my job I get to listen to Steve Wright nearly every afternoon, and try to check out all of the websites you mention at least once a week.
    Thanks for the Book Crossing Website – I think it’s a fantastic site and having only heard about it yesterday, I rushed straight to my pc to join up.

    A site I can recommend for book lovers everywhere is http://www.Greenmetropolis.co.uk
    This is where you can ‘recycle’ books cheaply (or in my case it’s an addiction I buy at least one book a day!)but not only can you buy books here you can sell them too! It’s a fantastic site for finding all the books you’ve ever wanted to read.
    They are also envirnonmentally friendly as for every book you buy they plant a tree!

    Blessed are the Bees


  31. Kelvin Fagan Says:

    The 1471 website is ok, but I always just type mystery telephone numbers straight into GOOGLE and it will always give a clue to the source of the call!!


  32. Pete Says:

    Hi Miles,
    You find some great sites and this one is good unless you want to go from Cobham in Surrey to the Isles of Scilly……the site sends you via Ireland!

  33. Pete Says:

    Hi Miles,
    I gave you the wrong url in my previous message.
    This is the site that sends you via Ireland from Cobham Surrey to the Isles of Scilly.



  34. Willie Taylor Says:

    Just a quick word of thanks for all the many good, funny, helpful web site of the days, you have provided, why to be honest the BBC to give u a TV program of your own all to do with the internet, promoting all the good things about it.
    So many people now have internet access, its about time the BBC moved into the 21st century and had a prime time show with you as host providing info to people who are not sure what to do where to go etc, what a dam good show it would be……………..Thanks

  35. Jane Says:

    Hi Miles

    I’m getting married in August and I’ve been having a nightmare of a time trying to set various wedding lists for all my friends and relatives (I was finding the experience of going to the shops at the week-end or after work a real nightmare) anyway I came across this website called http://www.what2getme.com and its great coz I can create my list from the comfort of my home, send it to my relatives in America and add or delete things as I go along. I think it would be a great site to share with all those getting married.

    Ps I think your shows great! 🙂

  36. The What2GetMe Team Says:

    Hi Miles,

    We check into your show most days to see if we’ve made it into your website of the day and we are glad to see that one of our members has posted a comment regarding our website. Not only is our facility suitable for birthdays but can also be used for weddings, engagements, baby showers – Infact any gift receiving occasion. We have unique online GETME lists that you can create and share via the internet with family and friends and because we offer a completely independent service you can list any item from any High Street store or website. What are you waiting for – create your GETME lists!

  37. Susan Cockburn Says:

    Could anyone tell me the web site address for where you can get the information on rules for games. I heard it on the radio but I just cannot remember the address

  38. dave Bright Says:

    Hello Miles,
    can I recomend a site to you?
    Its probably not the sort of site that you could preview on radio 2s web site of the day, because its called http://www.wankerdrivers.com
    Somewhere to vent your spleen against bad drivers.


  39. Andrew Malek Says:

    Hi Miles,

    May I suggest http://www.malektips.com as a Website of the Day? MalekTips offers over 2,300 tips for Windows (including Windows XP), digital camera and photography, DOS, Microsoft Word, anti-spyware, Internet Explorer, electronic mail, the Internet, buying tips, MP3 players, and more.

    Thanks for your time,

    – Andrew

  40. David Poole Says:

    Hi Miles

    Stumbled across the “NASA World Wind” web site (http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/) which provides an excellent free program that lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth.
    Great fun but at 180Mb only for the broadband enabled, or very patient!

    Hope it proves of interest to others.

    Great show

    Regards David

  41. Lloyd Says:


    The Google maps URL doesn’t point to anything. Also, nothing obvious on the Google.co.uk page that points to any maps.

    Any ideas?



  42. Charles Says:

    Would like to recommend a usefull site for people who have to travel long distances to get to work, its called jobswap.net. It can save you a fortune in petrol and travelling costs and unnecessary time away from home. please take a look at it.
    Great show and features,

  43. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Miles,

    Have you seen the site about garden gnomes? http://www.freethegnomes.com. Its mental. Its about rescuing gnomes from peoples gardens to free them from oppression. You should stick it in the satire section of your website.


  44. Alan Williams Says:

    Hi Miles
    Just wondered if you would feature my site promoting video email.

    the address is http://www.nowyouseeme.co.uk and whilst there you can get everything you need to use videoemail. Its as easy as Record Stop and Save. All the software is provided and from as little as £7 per month you are good to go.

    Also there is the opportunity to buy a franchise to offer the video email package. So if anyone fancies a career change or to work from home they can give it a go!


  45. Darren Lennon Says:

    Hi Miles have you tried the StumbleUpon extension available with Firefox? It links you to sites recommended by other users based on your preferences. I’ve found some useful (and some not so useful!) sites using it. Oh and thanks for recommending the Firefox browser. It’s just a shame that 10% of websites don’t work with it.

  46. Peter Williams Says:

    Thought that John O Groats was the furthest point north on the British mainland, you’d be wrong! Ever wondered where the centre of England really is? Well we have the answer as my esteemed colleague John Davies & I are testing a new GPS device and software due out in October. We are visiting the “cardinal points” of the British Isles. The furthest North, South, East and West along with the centres. All in a week. If you really want the trivia on the 4 corners of our country then visit our blog which is being updated as-it-happens, http://www.autoroute2006.com

  47. Walt Says:


    I would like to suggest the following site for your consideration.

    Optical Illusions Etc…

    Challenge your skills of perception at this cool site, which is all about the many different forms of Optical Illusion. Whether these illusions are conveyed through fractals, architecture, art, or other mediums, they are bound to remind you that seeing “is not believing.”

    Thank you for your time,

  48. Liza Drury Says:

    Hi Miles,

    I would like you to concider this website for your website of the day. http://www.remembermoi.com

    It’s fun and I will promise to send you a T-Shirt if you do give feedback. (I bet you cant wait to receive it :-))Thanks.

  49. Lynne Pearce Says:

    Heard you on Radio 2 and thought I would give your site a visit. I love the Muglets site and so does everyone else I’ve sent it to and I’ve got some brilliant advice from Money Saving Expert message boards on fixing my computer! YOUR ATTRACTIONS AND DIVERSIONS SITE IS BRILLIANT !


  50. Mat Lawrence Says:

    skill exchange is an introduction service that enables people to exchange skills and trades by bartering. You may be looking for some Music Lessons, Computer Training or Home Improvements, and you can trade your skills in return.
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  51. Colin Crampton Says:

    Hi Miles

    I would like to let you know about my new idea / site I have just put live. Its a site for people to swap unwanted babies and childrens items with one another via swap ads. Many people in my area have expressed the site is a good idea, it certainly helps people to swap items that they do not need anymore such as toys, clothes etc for items they do need. Its an informal fun site and is a good way to possibly meet other parents etc. Thanks for the great show on Steve Wright.

  52. Stuart Houghton Says:

    Hi Miles,

    I would like to introduce all multi-millionaires who are stumped to know what to by for Christmas presents to my site http://www.themostexpensive.com. For all of us with less money, including me take a look as I think you will find the site interesting as it features the most expensive items money can buy. I am always on the look out for new items to feature so if you can think of any please fill in the form on the site.

    Thanks Stuart

  53. margot stapylton Says:

    hello Miles,

    Please mention this new site (www.everyclick.com) that I have just found. It is a search engine that gives money to charity for people searching and doing online shopping. There is no cost to anyone and people can recommend any listed charity in the UK. All the charities that have signed up are listed on their site and you can see how much they have raised. It’s an amazing idea that we should be telling everyone about!!

  54. Kevin Says:

    Hi Miles,

    It would be great if you could mention my site, http://www.getclued.com. It allows you to submit reviews of tradesmen you have hired recently, allowing people to source reliable tradespeople in their area. As well as finding out the service standards of different firms, you can compare the prices they charge and how punctual and polite they are,before deciding who to hire. There is also plenty of tips and advice for consumers on hiring and resolving disputes with businesses. Overall, it makes choosing a tradesmen much less of a gamble!!

  55. Cindy Allenby Says:

    As a new user of an incar GPRS device, who should I inform when their directions are incorrect? This happens especialy within London and other cities where ‘no right turns’ or ‘no entry’ streets are often wrongly used in routing. While the systems can put you right eventually, much time is wasted. Tonight I was directed through a great route only to find at the end I needed to be a bicycle!!! Surely this information would be useful to the site planners? My device even lists the A 303 as the M3 some 20 miles before it changes. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. By the way, your site helps me waste many happy hours.

  56. Edward Bennet Says:

    Hi Miles,

    The Sun featured a story the other day on a guy who runs a fun website I thought you’d like – The Shopping List Compendium. He collects used lists from the supermarket and tries to imagine the kind of person it used to belong to. He puts copies of list and his own musings on his website, and then other people can add their own comments as well.

    Very strange, but certainly worth a look.


  57. Cat Says:

    Hi Miles

    Just wanted to mention this great site I found for Christmas (and other) presents – http://www.happyhampers.com. Fab range of foody / drinky hampers for any taste, from young champagne drinkers to my grandparents! Also not necessarily too expensive – has saved me loads of valuable Christmas shopping time and saved me from having to shop in the real world…

  58. Jason Says:

    Hi Miles,

    I’ve recently discovered a great online website type community called http://www.freecycle.org/
    Basically, rather than recycling your old stuff that still works, or trying to sell it through the likes of ebay etc., or just dumping it in landfill, you can post details about what you want to give away on your local group (or you can post a ‘wanted’ ad), and then all those people interested can get in contact and come and pick it up!

    I’ve already given away old printers, computer equipment, and some furniture to new homes, and it’s all free!

  59. Dave Logan and Nuala Chapman Says:

    Hi Miles,
    This might sound a tad forward, but please bear in mind that we are not asking anything for ourselves !!!!
    You will find an enormous explanatory email about ANCRAA (Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de la Raza Aznal Andaluza – National Association of Breeders of the Andalucian Giant Donkey) on the Steve Wright in the Afternoon website – please check it out and we hope that you can feature it on the programme.
    Thanks in anticipation,
    Dave Logan and Nuala Chapman

  60. carl Says:

    Hi miles, tune in as often as pos to here what you have trawled up for joe public to feed on…most of which (i guess)would never be seen but for your delving and keen eye for a good site… some of which are just brilliant. thanks for a great site and keep up the good work as we are all hungry for more 🙂 carl
    ps does that steve wright no anything about computers, no, i thought so

  61. Lucy Summers Says:


    You are probably not a gardener, but if you were….you’d be so pleased and grateful to ask all those gardening questions you don’t have a clue about and someone actually answers your question, personally and promptly, so you can just get on with life! OK, it’s a paid for service, but you get what you pay for. theopengardener really is like having an expert gardener at your beck and call 24 hours a dfay, 365 days a year. You don’t have to trawl through books, call the garden centre and get some dopey salesgirl – you get practical, immediate and relevant information tailored to your problem. Now that can’t be bad!

  62. Mark Lockhart Says:

    I tried the gardening question and answer service at http://www.theopengardencompany.co.uk and I believe this is one hell of a service. You get a personal, speedy reply. For £35.00 per year, it is the best money I’ve spent for unlimited garden advice. Your gardening-inclined listeners should try it. *****

  63. Mike Says:

    Hi Miles
    How about mentioning http://www.SellOutCrowds.com as the world cup is now just round the corner.
    The site aims to be the largest collection of sporting fans on the internet.
    A really good idea, some nice page designs and some 250 teams covered.


  64. Helen Hockley Says:

    Hi Miles,
    We were hoping that you would give Northern Ireland a mention on the Website of the day slot on the Steve Wright show! You have a lot of loyal listeners over here! We have just launched a new website called http://www.ergo2win.com which is a fundraiser for charity. It works on the reverse auction idea, so the lowest unique bid is the winner, not the person bidding highest! So, theoretically you could get a great prize for a few pence. The concept is out there and works commercially so we want to make it work for charity. Our first auction is for Age Concern Northern Ireland with the prize being a luxury holiday. Please give us your support, we need bidders to make this work! Cheers, Helen. Great site by the way, love all the wacky stuff!!

  65. vili Says:

    Here are some of my fruits of labour, in case they qualify for consideration: http://literaryawards.vertebratesilence.com/ (literary awards news), http://lingformant.vertebratesilence.com/ (latest in the science of linguistics), http://kurosawa.vertebratesilence.com/ (on the legendary film maker Akira Kurosawa)

    And finally, in the spirit of the World Cup, here is a blast from the past: http://www.ehis64.net/

  66. Paul Stride-Noble Says:

    Hi Miles,

    thought you might like to check out


    its an absolutley huge pixel art / online advertising / community type website – You’ll love it. Soon you will be able to enter the buildings, chat with other users / set up and furnish your own apartment and much more!

    It has been designed and built my me (a freelance designer) here in the UK and my partners in the USA. “pixelyork” is up and running now and we’re already working on “Pixel London” !!!


  67. James Penman Says:

    Hi Miles,

    Thought this might be of interest in the run-up to Christmas. It’s a site that tells shoppers where shop sales are running in the UK. There are around 2000 on at the moment (September) so users should save themselves some cash and time. We built it because we couldn’t find info on sales ourselves and it got a bit annoying trawling the net for sales info. If we miss any, users can post them on the Forum.



  68. Paul Mccarthy Says:

    Hey Miles

    Check this out!


    I play a lot of online pool but this site seems to be the most realistic.Also they are running $10,000 weekly prize money tournaments for platinum members. You can join for free too but you are limited to the rooms you can enter and chat in.Hope to hear what you think thanks


  69. Dr. Jeremy Leach Says:

    Dear Miles,

    A site for your consideration! Bulgarian Property is huge in the press at the moment- there are many sites, but they only offer listings – you have no idea where the properties are.

    Our website:
    http://www.europropertymap.com is the first to offer property viewing directly on a map for Eastern Europe!
    Additionally you can learn about the various tourist regions by virtually travelling around the map!

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Best wishes,

  70. Adam Norton Says:

    Would love people to check out our newly launched website – http://www.lookingforideas.co.uk – which specialises in design led giftware and homeware. Feel free to let us know what you think of the site and what improvements we could make.

    Many thanks.

  71. Hannah Lewis Says:

    Hi Miles

    I just wanted to suggest the website http://www.madammusic.com. It is a fab and funky website with advice for musicians, stories about our characters Madam Music and her band, reviews, downloads and lots of other fun stuff!

    Hannah Lewis

  72. Marty Wilson Says:

    Came across this site on your BBC News magazine pages today, and thought it would be excellent for nationwide listeners to hear about.

    It lets you walk down a virtual version of Oxford Street, London. I loved it as I never get to visit the cool clothes shops there, and this way I was (sort of) able to.

    I think your listeners up North would appreciate hearing about it! Keep up the great work!

  73. Marty Wilson Says:


    Came across this site on your BBC News magazine pages today, and thought it would be excellent for nationwide listeners to hear about.

    It lets you walk down a virtual version of Oxford Street, London. I loved it as I never get to visit the cool clothes shops there, and this way I was (sort of) able to.

    I think your listeners up North would appreciate hearing about it! Keep up the great work!

  74. Chris Cook Says:

    Hi my site is very much like the travel site you mentioned today except that it was first and is faster and better even though I say so myself! check it out and see for yourself.

  75. Bryan Says:

    Found this one the other day – we have a lost Teddy Bear and who knows, maybe someone’ll find it:


  76. SayNoToOverseasCallCentres.com Says:

    http://www.saynotooverseascallcentres.com is a new web site offering information on call centre locations and an opportunity for people to share their views and experiences of call centres (whether overseas or in the UK).

  77. Chris Elliott Says:

    There are hundreds of FREE classifieds websites out there, but to post ads on them all would take forever.

    why bother when http://www.UKCarAds.co.uk has done the hard work for you.

    Advertise your car for sale for FREE with them and they will send it to over 200 UK websites for you.

    These sites include THE Sun, Scoot, FreeAds and OLX. They are also about to bring out a SKY TV bassed website which will allow people to look for your car for sale using only there TV remote control. between them these sites receive over 6.5 million visitors so why pay to sell your car anywhere else?

  78. Chris Diamond Says:


    I came across this website following a recommendation in a newsletter from Which? Magazine. The site lists discounted items from major UK shops like Argos, Currys, PCWorld etc. Well worth a look.

  79. Dave Pitchford Says:

    Hi Miles,

    I’m hoping my new site has done the impossible: made charities interesting – amusing even!


    My team has spent a year and a half..

    – Proving/demolishing the most stubborn myths about admin costs/poppy day/fat cats/donkeys etc
    – Ranking 500 well-known charities in order of the quality of their annual report. Best get big green smilies!
    – Listing every charity that will take your old mobile phone/glasses/stamps/junk
    – Not least, recruiting Alain de B’Argain to review the country’s charity shops

    And a lot, lot more on the UK’s first independent, non-profit charity scrutiny site with a sense of humour.

    I hope you find time to visit

    Dave, Editor

  80. Nicholas Tsiougos Says:


    We have recently launched http://www.usefulgarbage.com the new online recycling community and we would love to hear your views.

    Trading in the spirit, “what you deem Garbage, someone else may deem Useful”, visitors to the site can list anything they want to get rid of – for someone else to ‘find’ and take off their hands. From cars to outgrown baby wear, books, couches, beds, computers and more…

    UsefulGarbage.com is great for people that need a simple, quick and free way to recycle their unwanted items. This goes especially for the people that know they won’t get their value’s worth on eBay and are discouraged to even try. Yet they believe the items they have are neither worth throwing in the bin nor paying the council to collect & throw them in the bin!

    Therefore, we hope you find this fresh, green, urban approach to recycling Useful!

    Best Wishes,


  81. Sally Stranks Says:

    About 7 years ago I was just abput to start using e-mail as I had bought my children (then) a PC and we were all set to go online.
    You gave the website of the day as “midsummer’s Eve free online dating” and I wroyte the web address down.
    In the January of 2000 I got online and the first website that I accessed was the midsummer’s eve and I started to e-mail a man called Dave from Cardiff – we later met up and we are still together in 2006!!! We have lived in Singapore for a short time in between but I thought that you’d like to hear a successful love story that u have been instrumental in bringing about!! Thank You Miles

  82. Stewart C.Bailey Says:

    Got given Miles’ Website Of The Day Book as a Birthday Present & what a Great Book it is, plenty of intersting Sites to view & a Good Read as well, great Stocking Filler for Christmas. Well done Miles.

  83. Andrew Davies Says:

    Hi Miles, Given the festive season is approaching faster and faster, I would like you to consider featuring my new web service http://www.giveawebsite.co.uk which provides unique website design giftset packages for Christmas Gifts. We provide attractive giftsets for members of the public to give a loved one an individually designed website for any occasion at a low price of £50. All ages are catered for and sample websites suited to family and friends are provided as part of the package.

    All the Best, Andrew.

  84. Gordon Shumway Says:

    Hi Miles,

    This page is an odd one. This bloke wants to go to war with Luxembourg! He’s thought up many reasons – most of them quite nonsensical. At any rate, take a look at http://www.papparelli.com/war/ as it’s quite funny. He also seems to have recently started a blog (or as he calls it, a BLOOG).



  85. Alan Says:

    Hi Miles. The company i work for produce and email/website every year to help promote a charity. Instead of sending out Christmas cards to our clients, we donate the money saved to a worthy cause. In return for their support and to help promote the charity we’ve designed a little website, http://www.jda.co.uk/xmas stars06…hope you like.

  86. Chris Rutledge Says:

    Came across this website today which I think is an excellent way for anyone with basic computer skills to earn some extra money on the internet – http://www.jvauthors.com/mm

    As long as you have an internet connection and can type you can earn a recuuring income. The whole programme is run online, fully automated and is completely free to use. All that is required is 30 minutes of your time each day. Perfect for anyone wanting a simple way to earn some money working from home.

  87. Chris Says:

    Found this site what a laugh for the kids

  88. john lakey Says:

    One for the show I think, very funny.

    An enginner’s concept of cooking


  89. Susie Says:

    Hi Miles,

    We are a group of vets who have lauched an interactive website to help pet owners decide if their dog cat or rabbit needs veterinary attention, and, if so, how quickly.

    The site is the first of its kind for pets anywhere on the web to our knowledge and has recieved recognition by pet owners and vets as a valuable and long awaited online resource. We would be delighted to recieve any feedback from you or your users and wonder if you would be interested in featuring it on your website of the day. The site is fun and easy to use please visit us and see what you think,

    Many thanks

    The team at Vet Help Direct

  90. Richard Worth Says:

    Hi Miles,
    i hope you had a good new year. This site is ideal for people looking to have a happy 2007. The products range from diet and detox products to the latest superfruits.



    Natural Alternative Products Embraces New Health Products
    (Wed Jan 10 2007)
    Natural Alternative Products have for a number of years provided an extensive catalogue of alternative health products. Recently they have extended their offering even further to encompass new and unique high demand health products.

    “The site is focusing more on stocking new and unique natural products which work for the ailments people are worried about i.e. detox, slimming, eczema, head lice, hayfever and the new superfoods amongst many others.”

    Studies of our site traffic have shown that many visitors are looking for help with a particular ailment or health issue.

    We have introduced new brands and product types to reflect this.

    Acai Berry, Maxislim, Hopes Relief Cream and Haymax are just a few of our top sellers.

    We’ve found a high demand for a true natural alternative treatment, supplement or food as more and more of us become concerned with our health and what we allow into our bodies.

    “One of the natural products we stock, Acai Berry a superfruit, is particularly exciting. As well as being packed with vitamins, minerals, folic acids and a huge number of antioxidants it has also been shown to destroy up to 86 percent of cancer cells in laboratory tests.”

    “This is an indication of the types of products we offer and will continue to source and offer in the future.”

    For more information on how you can benefit your own health by going natural, visit http://www.natural-alternative-products.co.uk

  91. Rob Williams Says:

    Have you seen this website?


    I think it fits the bill as regards being pointless! A topic is put up, usually daily, and people can just add comments and discuss it. Doesn’t sound much I know, but the writing, and some of the comments, are quite humourous. Well, they make me smile…

  92. Chris Owens Says:

    Hello Miles,
    I enjoy listening to some of your comments on the stuff you report on Steve Wright’s show. I only looked at your site for the first time today – you must have a lot of spare time to follow up all the suggestions you get!
    Anyway, my pet moan is probably ebay. I appreatiate that ebay has a large audience, I use it myself, but (there has to be a but coming) I really dislike the way that when you contact them over obvious scams they appear to deliberately misinterpret your message – like really you are getting in the way of them making money. Don’t get me wrong, when you complain to ebay they (eventually) do show some flexibility, it’s just that you are left feeling that you really had to push for any concession that you get. I also don’t like the way that they charge for everything; listing fee, final value fee, fees for using a template, fees for just about anything and also (and I believe they now own paypal) the way that paypal is pushed as the prefered method of payment and charges there are hiked up in the UK (but not in the US). Which brings me to a suggestion – a recently launched UK site that charges no fees whatsoever for buying or selling. Take a look at http://www.eskint.co.uk – it’s a bit crude around the edges but it is free and doesn’t appear to have the “we dont really care just give us your money” attitude (yet?)
    To change subject entirely, another of my pet moans is people who deliberatly (or otherwise through ignorance) optimise their sites to only use internet explorer. I have to say that I think IE has improved dramatically in recent times but it still does not render CSS as well as many Gecko based browsers and recent evidence seems to suggest that the use of IE alternatives (such as firefox, opera, konquerer etc.)is increasing – I know you try to be positive with website of the day but have you encountered any truely awful cross-brower sites (I have and would suggest the http://www.firsttunnels.co.uk – in anything but IE as a prime example) – I think that would make an interesting feature.
    Keep up the good work –
    Regards, Chris

  93. Colin Mitchell Says:

    Miles I would like to introduce you to a new community networking site http://www.mymyssion.com. It has been designed by a small goup of entrepreneurs self funded and it is currently a beta site to test user interest. Would be grateful for your opinion and feedback and a mention on your Steve Wright spot would be absolutely great.

    Thanks and keep up the public interest in web-sites – great job.
    Best Wishes

  94. David Hiscox Says:


    We run a website that provides a great service and helps the environment and it would be fantastic if you could give us a mention on Website of the Day.

    The Freight Alerts website http://www.freightalerts.co.uk connect people who need things transporting (anything from household furniture through to truck loads of potatoes!) with people who have empty vehicles (looking for return loads or additional items). The result is that users of the site get very good transport rates using vehicles that would otherwise be travelling empty so the environment benefits as well.

    The website has processed over 15,000 transport journeys and continues to grow in popularity. It would be great if you could give us a mention.

    Many thanks,

    David Hiscox

  95. Lucy Mohr Says:

    Hi Miles,

    I spent my first all night and all day without sleep, keeping my boyfriend company whilst he put the finishing touches to this website http://www.asahibeer.co.uk.

    By the end of it I had re-read every email I had ever received.

    Got to admit though, it was worth it. The site is wonderfully original and characterised by his, and the rest of the team’s, rather unique sense of humour (roaring giant bunny emerging over the mountains).

    I hope you like it. My job is to now source all the latest hot music talen to upload onto it so any suggestions anyone, please feel free…

    Happy searching



  96. Tina Dolman Says:


    I think people with pets going away this Christmas will find this site really useful:


    It’s got details of pet sitters all over Great Britain, as well as details of catteries and kennels and people who host small pets.



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