Useful Christmas Shopping links

>> Last Posting Dates
>> Last Delivery Dates
The former site is self-explanatory. The latter is partiularly useful as it pulls together information from many of the biggest and most popular online shops about when you need to place your order in order to ensure that it reaches you in time for Christmas
>> GiftGen – Generate gift ideas according to budget and age of recipient
This is handy if you’re having trouble choosing a suitable gift for friends or family.  Start by choosing how much you want to spend,  then enter the age and gender of the recipient and finally choose from a list of hobbies or interests in order to get a list of present suggestions.
>> Retail Charity
>> Charity Checkout
By starting your Christmas shopping at one of these sites, you get to buy from most of the biggest names on the web or the high street knowing that they’ll donate a percentage of whatever you spend to the charity of your choice. It doesn’t cost you a penny extra, so you get the goods you’ve ordered with a side order of altruism and compassion!


4 Responses to “Useful Christmas Shopping links”

  1. Dan Johson Says:


    I can’t seem to load up the last delivery dates site you posted.

    It looks as though, you have a space in the name. Should it not be ?

    Cheers and have a great Christmas, Miles.


  2. ciara k Says:

    This was the first time I’d listened to Miles feature and was pleased that I did. I signed up to the site, and asked them to feature a local hospice where I work. We were accepted and I’ve since managed to earn us over £40, just for doing my normal xmas shopping. Fabulous!

  3. Keith David Says:

    There is a company that sets up free online shops for charities, the commission is much higher with this as they are an affiliate network so there is not an extra company taking a cut. I shop at to raise money for the Salvation Army but there are loads more shops for charities you can shop with, probably too late to get your xmas shopping odne thou!


  4. Jon Says:

    does anyone know of a charity donating site like charity checkout that lets you use amazon?

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