My Favorite Word

>> My Favorite Word
Today’s site was inspired by this lovely email from my new favourite listener Nicki Beebe:

Miles, I don’t know where you were eduacated, but you have the most astonishing vocabulary I’ve ever heard. I listen to your afternoon slot with eager anticipation, not to hear the Website of the Day, but simply to hear which word I can learn today. True to form, I’ve learnt something today, and the word is "esoteric", so thank you for spreading a bit of education my way.

The site has a simple but highly appealing premise: You send them your favourite word along with a brief reason why you like it, and they’ll share your favourite words with the world. Current favourites in Website of the Day Towers include envigle, finagle, fish-cake, fecund, wibble and of course muppetry.
Hope you enjoy those Nicki!

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