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Regular listeners will know that I’m a bit of an evangelist for online shopping in general and for price comparison sites in particular.
But I’ve always found that doing your grocery shopping online can be a frustrating experience, partially because the supermarket sites can be slow and tricky to navigate and partially because (until now) no single price comparison site has enabled you to compare the cost of your weekly shop at all four of the big online supermarkets.
MySupermaket’s pre-launch hype claims that the site “promises to shake up the online grocery market” – and on early inspection the hype seems to be justified.
This is what I’ve been waiting on for several years – an easy-to-use, free price comparison service for online supermarkets. It promises to save you money on your weekly shop and it’s easier to navigate than any of the supermarkets’ own sites. Well worth a look.


One Response to “My Supermarket”

  1. Mike Says:

    Just checked out this site and compared my Asda shopping bill from yesterday with the pricing that came up. Funnily enough, almost all of the prices shown for Asda are higher than those for Tesco despite my actual shopping receipt telling me otherwise!

    It’s also odd to notice that the only ‘store’ brand items listed are Tesco items. What about all the cheap Asda ‘own brand’ stuff?

    What’s weirder still is that the website is registered to some dude in Israel. Why on earth would anyone register a uk site in Israel unless of course it’s to disguise the true owners!!! Why does my gut feeling tell me this might actually be a Tesco sponsored venture??? Draw your own conclusions but don’t be sucked in by marketing ploys.

    Other than that it’s a nice, easy to use site which is considerably better than Tesco’s own.

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