Spooky Hoops (Halloween basketball game)

I wouldn’t nomally put an online game directly on these pages, but the nice people at FunnyTreat.com seem to actively encourage use of their games on other sites, so here goes!

(If you can’t see the game, you may need to download the free Flash Player plug-in:
>> Full instructions and installation guide on BBC Webwise And if the sound is getting on your nerves, you can disable all sound in the game by clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom-right of the game screen)

You’ll find more Halloween games on FunnyTreat’s own site and on the BBC Northern Ireland Halloween site.

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BBC Electric Proms

Full line-up and broadcast details plus audio and broadband video from the BBC’s first ever Electric Proms Season – Highlights include Paul Weller, James Brown, The Who, Jamiroqaui, The Magic Numbers, Kasabian, Billy Bragg and many many more.


>> Walkit
Whether you live or work in London, or you’re just planning a trip to the capital for Christmas shopping or a theatre break, this is indispensible. Unlike most route-planning sites which are aimed strictly at motorists, Walkit will show you the quickest way for pedestrians to get from Point A to Point B anywhere in London. You can calculate the probable duration of your walk and even find out how many calories you’ll burn off and how much Carbon Dioxide you’ve avoided by walking!


Torchwood >> Torchwood
From Russell T. Davies and the same BBC Wales team responsible for the triumphant return of Doctor Who, comes this “sexy, dark and dangerous” post-watershed spin-off series. John Barrowman stars as Captain Jack Harkness – leader of a group of Cardiff-based renegade criminal investigators looking into human and alien crime. As with Doctor Who, the Torchwood site is rich in multimedia content, with a 360 degree virtual tour of Torchwood HQ and extensive video clips including an exclusive “Making Of” programme.


Videojug_1 >> VideoJug
The current explosion of online video (spearheaded by the huge growth of YouTube) has tended to favour sites which showcase home-made video clips. While these can be very entertaining, there’s rarely a quality-control threshold, so YouTube and many of its competitors can resemble a massive repository for You’ve Been Framed outtakes – You have to dig pretty deep to find any genuinely useful clips.
is a very different beast. It aims to offer video clips giving advice and demonstrations on a massive range of topics – from getting out of car without flashing your knickers to unblocking a toilet or making a perfect Irish Coffee.
Unlike most video sites, Videojug has created many of the video clips itself and any clips submitted by site users have to be approved before publication to ensure they meet the site’s quality standards. There’s already a massive range of useful videos on the site which will help you tackle many of life’s vexing conundrums!

My Supermarket

>> My Supermarket
Regular listeners will know that I’m a bit of an evangelist for online shopping in general and for price comparison sites in particular.
But I’ve always found that doing your grocery shopping online can be a frustrating experience, partially because the supermarket sites can be slow and tricky to navigate and partially because (until now) no single price comparison site has enabled you to compare the cost of your weekly shop at all four of the big online supermarkets.
MySupermaket’s pre-launch hype claims that the site “promises to shake up the online grocery market” – and on early inspection the hype seems to be justified.
This is what I’ve been waiting on for several years – an easy-to-use, free price comparison service for online supermarkets. It promises to save you money on your weekly shop and it’s easier to navigate than any of the supermarkets’ own sites. Well worth a look.

Does My Bum Look Big

>> Does My Bum Look Big
Thanks to listener Ollie Schofield for an email tipping me off about this, and correctly surmising that this would be top-notch Website of the Day material. Ollie describes the site as “a sort of a cyber Trinny and Susannah kinda thing” – which is bang-on really.
The site encourages you to turn the whole interenet into your personal style guru – Every time you’re about to buy some new clothes, you can upload a photo of each garment to the site (either from your computer or sent directly from your cameraphone) and invite other site users to rate each garment according to whether it’s a fashion faux-pas or a subliminal stylistic statement.

Live Travel News Map

>> Live Travel News Map
For those of us who can’t afford sat nav, this site is well worth a look before you set off on a long journey. It uses the excellent Google Maps interface, but adds BBC Travel News to the mix, so that virtual map pins highlight roadworks, accidents and other traffic problems on a zoomable map of the UK.

Bed Jumping HQ

Bedjump >> Bed Jumping HQ
In the past we’ve brought you sites devoted to hotel reviews and sites showcasing photos of people jumping up and down in exotic locations but never before have we been able to bring you a site featuring photos of people jumping up and down on hotel beds!
“When we walk into a hotel guestroom for the first time there are elements that we form an opinion on immediately. Many will agree that the bed is the biggie … Don’t deny yourself the indulgent luxury of taking a running start and launching up over that mattress and box-spring”

Entitled To

Entitledto >> Entitled To
This is very useful – Enter in a few basic personal details (salary, age, council tax payments etc.) to find out whether you’re entitled to any extra benefits like child tax credit, working tax credit or council tax credit. The site is free to use and you don’t need to enter your name or address, so searches can be carried out anonymously.