Showcase your digital photos and raise money for charity

Bigwhitebox >> Big White Box
Earlier this year I had a very enthusiastic response when I featured photo library Fotolibra who showcase and sell amateur photos to commercial buyers. Not-for-profit site Big White Box has some similarities to FotoLibra, but here the emphasis is on attracting free publicity for your work, and raising money for charity if any of your pictures sell.
It’s free to sign up, and upload your photos. Any photos which are accepted for display in Big White Box’s virtual gallery can be purchased for £5. For each photo sold, 30p covers transaction and running costs, £2.70 goes straight to charity and you have the choice of keeping £2 for yourself or adding it to the charity’s coffers.

Back in a few weeks!

Steve Wright is on holiday for the rest of July – Mark Radcliffe is covering for Steve until then so Website of the Day gets to take a few weeks off as well.

I’m using the time to put the finishing touches to ‘Website of the Day – The Book’, which will be in the shops at the beginning of November.  More info on that soon.

In the meantime, why not browse some of the links in the archive on this site. I’ll be back on air with Steve on Moday July 31st.

Little Britain re-enacted by Daleks

Littleskaro >> Dalek Lou and Dalek Andy at the optician
>> Dalek Sebastian has a crush on the Dalek Emperor
>> Dalek Vicki Pollard don’t know nuffink about no doctor
In spite of the finals taking place this weekend in Wimbledon and Berlin, the final that I’m most excited about is the final episode of this series of Doctor Who in which the Cybermen battle the Daleks for control off the Earth.
To the best of my knowledge Little Skaro is the only site on the web to feature Daleks re-enacting sketches from Little Britain.

For more information about BBC Three’s forthcoming Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood, keep an eye on leading fan site Torchwood News, or explore the official site for Torchwood House where Queen Victoria first encountered the Doctor.

Summer Blockbusters

We’re into the big summer movie season now, so here’s a collection of links to tide you over:

Pirates_1 Pirates of the Carribbean – Dead Man’s Chest

>> Official Site
>> Download this week’s Steve Wright podcast to hear Tim’s interview with Kiera Knightly
>> Listen again to Thursday’s show featuring Steve’s interview with Bill Nighy
(available for 7 days only from approx 1705 on 06/07/06)

Supes Superman Returns
>> Official Site
>> Blue Tights Network
Definitive fan-site featuring video diaries from director Bryan Singer
>> Save Metropolis Game
Playing as the man of steel you have to catch the debris tumbling from the Daily Planet building, and protect passing pedestrians.

Ratty >> Official Site

Finally take a look at the trailer for a 2007 family blockbuster from the director of The Incredibles:
>> Ratatouoille: View the Trailer

Read It, Swap It

Readitswapit >> Read It, Swap It
This free-to-use online book exchange is a fantastic way to line up some good holiday reading before you set off for the beach. Sign up and add details of any books you’re happy to part with – then search for books that you want to read.
When you find a title that interests you, submit a swap request. Once a swap is agreed both parties exchange addresses and send of the books. The only cost involved is what you pay to post your book.
With a huge membership base, you have a good chance of finding someone who’s happy to swap the book that you’re after. A member rating system helps protect you from swappers failing to keep their side of the bargain.

Desktop Blues (and Andy Murray)

Desktopblues_1 >> Desktop Blues
I’d already planned to mention Andy Murray’s official site today – (it’s very good – with a daily blog and photos from the man himself – Makes one of tennis’ biggest young stars seem very accessible).
Anyway, now that the UK is in the midst of not-having-any players-left-in-Wimbledon-blues this animated Desktop Blues site will let you assemble a custom-built blues tune from random guitar riffs and vocal samples.

David Walliams’ Super Swim for Sport Relief

Walliams >>
>> Sport Relief: Keep Walliams Afloat
At some point this week (when weather conditions are considered ‘optimal’, Little Britain star David Walliams is due to embark on his attempt to swim the English Channel in aid of Sport Relief. Sponsor David online and you could see your name appear in the Super Swim Schoal of Fame – in which an animated fish represents each one of his sponsors.
The site has video of David talking about the inspiration for this fund-raiser, plus footage of him getting “greased up” before he gets into the water.
There’s also a Keep Walliams Afloat game, in which you have to help navigate a cartoon Walliams through the Channel, avoiding sharks, submarines, coral and oil rigs!