Drizzle King and Goalfinger

Dribbleking >> Dribble King
Along with World Cup Monopoly this online football game is my current favourite coffee-break diversion. You represent the World Cup team of your choice, but your team-mates have vanished, so the hopes of a nation rest on your shoulders, as you have to manoeuvre the ball past the rival team’s defenders and score the winning goal.
(NB The game instructions are in German by default, so look for the language choices at the bottom of the screen to switch to the English version)

>> Goalfinger
This is Five Live‘s World Cup trivia game. Your mission is to select a team and then try and win the World Cup using your trivia knowledge. The questions get harder as you progress through the group stages, and the highest ranked teams (Brazil, England etc) have more time to answer each question, so you can tweak the difficulty by playing as a less talented team.
(NB bbc.co.uk message board users can sign in with their existing passwords, but new users will need to first create a free bbc.co.uk membership)

Bag a bargain bottle

Winesearcher >> Wine Searcher
>> Quaffers Offers
On a lovely day like this, it should be compulsory to spend the evening in the garden or park with a nice bottle of chilled white or rose. These two sites will help you get your wine at the best possible price.
Wine Searcher is half search engine and half price comparison site . Enter the name of the wine you want, (with the option of specifying a particular vintage) and your search is passed onto 7,300 specialist wine retailers in the UK and internationally – You’ll find the cheapest price from the database of retailers and can click-through to buy online.
If you just want to know what wines are on special offer in the UK’s supermarkets and off-licences then Quaffers Offers is your best bet. The site is updated weekly so you can plan your wine-buying upfront to always take advantage of this week’s best buys.

Pie World

Pieworld >> Pie World
As far as I know this is the first time I’ve ever featured a site designed and built by a twelve year old. Congratulations to Pie World webmaster Thomas Hasler on a stylish (if slightly surreal) site dedicated to his highly developed appreciation of the most noble of all pastry-derived foods.
The site includes a picture gallery of notable pies, pie factoids (“The average American eats six slices of pie every year”), a pie ball game – in which you score a point for every time your bat successfully repels an attack from a bouncing pie and a peculiar news report about the Czechoslovakian University of Pie’s recently published Theory of Pievolution.

Sort Yer Life Out

Remembermilk >> Remember The Milk
Don’t be distracted by the mention of milk here – This free site aims to help you remember meetings, birthdays, shopping lists, or anything else that you might otherwise scribble on a scrap of paper.
This is both more sophisticated and simpler to use than a lot of other online to-do lists. You can create multiple lists in different categories, add colour codes and web links, and set up repeats for jobs you have to do regularly. And the killer feature is email and SMS reminders of any “to-do” you add to your list.

Holiday Checklists

ToothbrushI’ve had a number of emails in recent weeks asking me to repeat details of the Holiday reminders and packing checklist site I mentioned last year – so here goes:

>> Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush
Billed as the ultimate holiday checklist service, this is a handy bookmark for anyone who’s every forgotten to pack sun cream, or sort out travel insurance before going on holiday. The site provides definitive checklists for every possible holiday variation – from summer sun to winter sports, via camping, sightseeing and road-trips. You create a personalised list by ticking the boxes that apply to your holiday and printing the whole thing out.

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How to price a used car

>> Wise Buyers
Earlier this week I mentioned a couple of sites that let you see the real prices that houses in your area have sold for. Steve was asking about online versions of the printed Used Car price guides, and of all the sites available, Wise Buyers offers an impressive amount of detail free-of-charge.
Just pick the manufacturer and model number of car, then its year and approximate mileage in order to see the price you should expect to pay a dealer or private individual. Each price can be adjusted according to mileage and the car’s condition, so buyers can use the site’s data as a haggling tool when you go to inspect a vehicle.

FIFA World Cup 2006: Official Site

Worldcup2006 >> FIFA World Cup 2006: Official Site
As Radio 2’s in-house sporting ignoramus, what I look for in any major tournament and event is a site which can combine detailed authoritative coverage with presentation that doesn’t intimidate those of us who don’t follow the sport for the rest of the year. From where I’m sitting, this collaboration with web giants Yahoo looks like an outstanding site with equal appeal to committed fans and lightweights like me!

The homepage can be customised to give pride of place to news stories and fixtures involving two teams of your choice. Elsewhere on the site you can sign up for free SMS alerts so that you receive a text message every time a goal is scored by (or against) the team of your choice, along with a daily trivia factoid and daily text poll.

There are full page profiles and statistics for all 736 players in the tournament, video tours of all 12 German host cities and their respective stadiums, plus a whole By Fans for Fans site aimed at fans travelling to Germany for any of the fixtures.

A heavyweight Fun and Games section includes the official Fantasy League, a predictions game, trivia quiz and Fan of the Match vote.

The 12th Man is the really interactive part of the site, with fan-submitted blogs and photos plus Yahoo Answers which lets you post or answer questions about any aspect of the tournament (from “Who played on the right wing for Cameroon in 1990” to “Is there any solution to football violence?”)

Finally, free downloads include including a toolbar for Internet Explorer complete with one-click access to news, team stats, world cup blogs and message boards – plus Yahoo search and a built in anti-spyware tool.

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How much is your house worth?

>> House Prices
>> Our Property
A couple of top curtain-twitching sites for nosey neighbours. These will let you search a postcode to see exactly what prices houses in your are have sold for. The data is updated regularly, so you can usually find details of all houses sold post-2000 and up until 2-3 months ago. Of the two sites, House Prices is “instant-access” while Our Property requires (free) registration before use. However one you have registered, Our Property’s prices seem to be slightly more up-to-date, and they offer slightly more flexibility in the range of results generated and how those results are displayed.

Barbecue Bible

bbq>> Barbecue Bible | >> British Barbecue
Long-standing listeners to Website of the Day will know that when the thermometer hits 75 degrees Fahrenheit we like to revisit our favourite BBQ sites. Between them these sites feature features recipes, "BBQ History", guides to choosing a gas barbecue or building your own brick barbecue pit, and most entertainingly, the BBQ 10 Commandments (“Know when to baste, guage yor fuel, keep it lubricated and never desert your post”!)

Water Shortage links

>> BBC News Interactive Drought Map
>> BBC News: Water Shortage Q & A
With many news reports warning of differing degrees of drought this summer across Southern England and Wales, these pages from BBC News provide an easy way to see at a glance what water supply restrictions are in place in your area.
Clicking on the interactive map will bring up a page for each water region, detailing the population supplied, quantity of water supplied, details of what (if any) restrictions are planned or in place, plus contact details for your local water company.