Valentine’s links

>> A Mobile Valentine
This site invites camera-phone owners to send Valentine-themed photos straight from their phones to the site. You can comment on every photo and the best submissions before the end of this week could win a new camera-phone or champagne

>> BBC Valentine WAP site
Here’s a Valentine mini-site you can view entirely on your mobile. Features include a flirting guide, Valentine’s quotes and how to cope with a flower allergy. Text the word BBC to 81010 to have the link sent to your phone, or view the whole thing using BBC Mobile’s web-based WAP Demo

>> Stupid Cupid

An online game in which you manoeuvre Cupid’s backside to bounce a ball against targets of Chocolates, Hearts and Roses

Send a free Valentines Message

Loveisblind >> Love Is Blind
>> Love Totally
Here are two sites where you can post Valentine’s messages for your loved (or admired-from-afar) ones free of charge. Fluffy Bunny loves cuddly banana very much… so there!

Vote for the Modern Seven Wonders of the World

7wonders >> New 7 Wonders
This is the official site for a global vote to elect the modern 7 wonders of the world. A long list of 77 monuments has been whittled down to a final 21 candidates which ranges from the Easter Island statues to the Sydney Opera House, the Kremlin and the Statue of Liberty.
The final 7 Wonders will be announced on New Years Day 2007 and until then anyone can vote on which monuments deserve to rank alongside ancient wonders like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and The Colossus of Rhodes.

(Please note: Votes are submitted by international phonelines and call proceeds will be used to fund worldwide heritage restoration efforts. Please check call rates with your ‘phone provider before dialling.)

Tall or Not?

Tallornot >> Tall or Not?
Have you ever wondered how tall you are in relation to Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Brigitte Bardot, Weird Al Yankovic or Mary Queen of Scots?

Wonder no more, thanks to this largely pointless but ever-so-slightly fascinating interactive stick-figure height chart!

Create and share personalised zoomable maps

Wayfaring >> Wayfaring
Two of the more useful (and popular) sites we have featured in recent months (On One Map and Petrol Prices) have made excellent use of Google’s excellent zoomable maps system. Wayfaring is the latest site to take the Google Maps interface but offer extra features not available on Google’s own site.
Now you can annotate and personalise any map with speech bubbles, descriptions and even photos. Thus you can create an A-B route map with “Ted’s House” and “The Dog and Duck” clearly marked on the map, or view customised maps created by existing site users for the Monopoly Pub Crawl or Jack Bauer’s travels in the new series of 24 (Warning – contains plot spoilers!)

Yes Lyrics Generator

Virtualjon >> Virtual Jon Anderson: Yes Lyric Generator
Last year when we mentioned BBC Gloucester’s Prog Rock Name Generator, I was somewhat surprised by the number of enthusiastic emails I received from Radio 2 listeners who clearly have fond memories of their days at the cutting edge of rock’s second most ludicrous genre.
Today, in a similar vein, we bring you the only site on the web which lets a virtual facsimile of the Yes frontman create a incomprehensible customised lyric to your specification, Just enter in a few key words and the site will create a spoof lyric sheet to an entire movement of Yes’ next triple concept album.

Children’s Party at the Palace: Apply for tickets

Palace_party >> Children’s Party at the Palace: Apply for tickets
This summer (on Sunday June 25th, to be precise) 2000 children from across the UK will attend a unique garden party at Buckingham Palace to mark the Queen’s 80th birthday. The event will be a celebration of children’s literature starting with a picnic tea, and culminating in a live show (to be broadcast on BBC 1) featuring Postman Pat, Paddington Bear, Noddy and many other popular characters.
Any child aged between 4 and 14 can apply for a free invitation (applications close on February 28th) but only 1000 children will be successful. Each successful applicant can bring one friend and one adult. You’ll find full details and the link for applications on the CBBC site.