Fridge Magnets

Fridgemagnets_1 You’re probably wondering what we’ve got on our fridge at Website of the Day Towers… Here’s our top 5 magnets:

  1. A ceramic Felix the Cat
  2. A magnetic 2005 calendar to promote my sister in law’s rental property in the Dordogne
  3. A mini-aubergine cookbook
  4. A ceramic souvenir from Popeye village in Malta
  5. A fake plastic orange segment

Feel free to use the comments form to tell me about the best thing you have on your fridge. (And bear in mind that if you submit your email address it will be visible to anyone else who visits this site).

>> Frosty Welcome
This is one of my favourite sites for sending online greetings – The homepage is a virtual fridge door covered in magnetic letters of the alphabet. Drag the letters around to spell out your message and then enter an email address to send it to a friend

>> Wanna Spell
Similar to Frosty Welcome, but this one is is effectively a cross between a virtual fridge and a very basic chatroom … Several people can spell out words in real time on the same virtual fridge!

>> Fridge Magnet Challenge
It was only a matter of time before fridge magnets inspired a pointless bet/quest, so step forward one Matt Whitby who plans to collect a fridge magnet to represent each of the 91 counties in England, Scotland and Wales before the end of 2006.

>> BBC Fridge Magnet Poetry Generator
This virtual fridge is festooned with words rather than letters. Rearrange them to create your own Wordsworthian, Heglian or McGoughian poetic masterpiece.

5 Responses to “Fridge Magnets”

  1. sarah Says:

    You can’t actually see our fridge for stuff, shame I cant post a photo, among the best things are a 100 yr old rosary, tutenkamun’s sarcophagus, the cutty sark and picture of a clipper lighter with ‘lighter thief’written on it!

  2. Jason Noble Says:

    Probably the world’s largest collection of fridge magnets on a real live fridge…

  3. Rob Says:

    I actually looked at your website today – the first time ever, after all the times I have heard you on BBC2.
    Why? Because I have a friend who is nuts about fridge magnets.
    Imagine my dissapointment, then to find such a collection of garbage, and advertising for nothing whatsoever to do with fridge magnets. (and web sites that don’t work if one does not have cookies enabled.)
    A total disgrace!

  4. Tony Meineck Says:

    Hi Miles,

    I was listening to the show on friday when you mentioned about fridge magnets and I thought I would share some great info with you: The above site sells bright yellow 5 pointed star shaped fridge magnets and offers free charts for them.

    The idea is to help parents motivate their kids to improve their behaviour – and it really works. It’s a bit like a sticker chart – only easier and reusable. The kids enjoy earning them and the wife and I are reaping the benfits of better behaved kids.

    I don’t know if you will be able to give them a mention on the show, but I think millions of parents around the country would benefit from knowing about them.

    Anyway, keep up the good work…


  5. Deva Says:

    Today I’ve got one of my favorites a Pick-up truck (circa 1940) loaded with a lovely harvest of hemp from the California Growers Association.

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