Website of the Day: Friday April 29th

Dalek >> Dalek Links
Whatever your online dalek needs, you’re likely to find a link for them here. The delights on offer from this site include (but certainly aren’t limited to)
• Disco Dancing Daleks   • a Dalek opera   • How to build a Dalek
• Where to buy or hire one   • How to tell if the Dalek you just bought is real
• 101 things to do with a dead Dalek   • Dalek Chess
                               • Dalek fonts for your computer   • On-line Dalek jigsaw puzzle
                               • Are You A Dalek personality Quiz

Election Ahoy

Website of the Day: Thursday 28th April

Notapathetic >> Not Apathetic
This site aims to give a voice to people who don’t plan to vote in next week’s general election:

“We won’t try to persuade you that voting is a good or a bad idea … All we promise is that instead of having no voice at all, you can explain why you won’t be participating come election day. All you have to tolerate is that fact that if you put a reason up, other members of the public are allowed to respond to it.”

Over one thousand people contributed to the site in the week after launch, and the comments certainly make interesting reading.

Famous Belgians

Website of the Day: Wednesday 27th April

Tintin >> Famous Belgians
Marc Tielemans, the architect of this site says “Nothing is more likely to get my blood boiling than someone asking me "I bet you can’t name me 5 famous Belgians". So he’s gone to a great deal of trouble to name a total of 259 Belgians (some of whom are, admittedly, more famous than others. We can all do Herge, Hercule Poirot and Plastic Bertrand, but how many of us were aware of Audrey Hepburn (or the Singing Nun)’s Belgian credentials?

Download the first chapter of new books for free

Website of the Day: Tuesday April 26th

Lovereading>> Love Reading
Each month the editors of this site select at least three new books in each genre (from Crime & Thriller to Biography, Classics or Contemporary Romance) and make the first chapter of each of their featured books available for free download. If you like what you read you can find suggestions of similar writers and buy from the site (or elsewhere!) – but you can download as many first chapters as you like with no obligation to buy.

Google Maps

Website of the Day: Monday 25th April

Googlemaps >> Google Maps UK
Map sites are like the old cliché about buses – you wait for ages for a good new one to come along then two turn up at once. Hot on the heels of Map 24 comes Google Maps UK, which like pretty much everything else that Google turns it’s hand to, is fast, nice and simple to use, in fact it just works! No clicking to load a new page – just drag the map around to follow a route, with clear, easy instructions and no irritating adverts to distract you.

Movie Profiler

Website of the Day: Friday 22 April

Movieprofiler>> Movie Profiler
D’you need help choosing a DVD to rent this weekend? Try the two questionnaires on this site which will help find films for you according to your current emotional state, age or the film’s genre or year of release. You can add your own ratings and reviews to the site and create a wishlist of films you plan to rent in the coming months.

Band To Band

Website of the Day: Wednesday 20th April

Bandtoband >> Band to Band
This is right up my street – a musical variation on the theme of the popular parlour game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, in which contestants are challenged to link any film actor to Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less. Band to Band looks to connect bands together via musicians who have played in different bands – thus it becomes possible to link Led Zeppelin to the Rutles in 10 steps, and Ian Dury & the Blockheads to Marillion in just 8 steps!

Excellent software for online shoppers and competition enthusiasts

Website of the Day: Tuesday 19th April

Roboform>> Roboform (Online password manager)
If you find that you spend a lot of time visiting sites which ask you to log in using a user name or password, this may be one of the useful pieces of software you’ll install this year. Roboform is an online password manager, which stores all your personal information in encrypted form on your hard drive. Whenever you need to log into a site which requires a password or fill in an online form, a single click submits all your details, saving you from retyping it all manually.

Friday games: Code-breaking and muppetry!

Website of the Day: Friday 15th April

Gonzo >> The Interpretor Game: Help prevent an assasination attempt on a foreign VIP
>> The Great Gonzo’s ridiculously dangerous and downright fooolish stunt game
Two games for your enjoyment this weekend. There’s a rather addictive strategy game on the official site for Nicole Kidman’s new film The Interpretor: You play a special agent who has to help foil an assassination plot. This one should appeal to anyone who enjoyed The Da Vinci Code as it’s all about foreign languages, cryptic clues and code breaking. Meanwhile, to help maintain the Steve Wright In The Afternoon muppetry rating, the Gonzo stunt-game features our favourite tap-nosed muppet being fired from a cannon into a large bucket of water. Your role is to adjust the cannon’s fire-power and velocity to make sure Gonzo doesn’t miss his target!

Where chess meets art

Website of the Day: Thursday 14th April

Chessart_1 >> The Thinking Machine
Here’s a site that takes an online chess game and turns it into a piece of interactive art. You can play against the computer (and if you’re a reasonably competent player you may well beat it, as it’s programmed to be of average ability). As you play, green and yellow squiggles will illustrate your computer opponent’s thought processes as it plans possible future moves many turns ahead, turning the board into a unique piece of online art.