What’s That Song

Website of the Day: Friday 28th January

Whatsthatsong >> What’s That Song
Here’s a simple but fiendishly addictive multiple choice name-that-tune-style quiz. Just type in the name of your favourite artist and the site will instantly pick ten clips to play you. Each question is multiple choice with four possible songs to choose from. You can also email any artist-specific quiz to a friend.

How to get your own definitions into a Collins dictionary

Website of the Day: Wednesday 26th January

Living_dictionary >> Collins: Living Dictionary
While print dictionaries are compiled only by professional lexicographers, anyone can contribute to Collins’ online Living Dictionary. Submit your own words and definitions online for possible inclusion in the next print edition of the Collins dictionary. The whole site is pretty addictive, because as well as nominating words you can get involved in debating other people’s suggestions. Hence chav already features in the Living Dictionary and words and phrases currently being considered for future inclusion are yeskimo, Justin Timer and vegaquarian.

Steve Wright now available on “Listen Again”

Radioplayer_1>> The BBC Radio Player

Visitors to any of the BBC Radio websites over the last 24 hours may have noticed that Listen Again feature has been unavailable since yesterday morning. By the end of today’s programme, the BBC Radio Player will be back … with bells on! The re-launched Radio Player makes almost every BBC Radio show available to listen again online for a full seven days after transmission. The new player adds 80 new programmes which were not previously available to listen again – That’s 500 extra hours of programming.   Most importantly for fans of this programme, Steve Wright in The Afternoon is now included in the Radio Player for the first time (as are Ken Bruce, Sarah Kennedy and Janey’s Saturday morning programme).

The re-launched Radio Player is also much easier to use, with new features including a full A-Z of programmes listed by network, a compact view, resume functionality (which lets you pick-up listening where you leave off) and On Now & Next information for all live shows.

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Google meets predictive text

Goglesuggest Website of the Day: Monday 24th January 2005

>> Google Suggest
"As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you’re typing and offers suggestions in real time. This is similar to Google’s "Did you mean?" feature that offers alternative spellings for your query after you search, except that it works in real time. For example, if you type "bass," Google Suggest might offer a list of refinements that include "bass fishing" or "bass guitar." You can choose one by scrolling up or down the list with the arrow keys or mouse."

Tsunami Relief links

Cardifftsunamirelief As promised on today’s show, here’s a full list of links for resources for this weekend’s Tsunami Relief Concert in Cardiff, for the forthcoming Comic Aid event in London and for the ongoing School Aid initiative as discussed on yesterday’s show.

>> SchoolAid UK
>> Tsunami Relief Concert on Radio 2
>> BBC Wales: Listen Live to complete Tsunami Relief Concert
>> Chortle.co.uk: Full line up for ComicAid event
>> Book tickets online for Comic Aid event

Also today, a word of warning about scam emails purporting to be from Tsunami relief charities asking people to donate by transferring money straight to an international bank account number. The best way to avoid a scam is to donate directly through a well-known organization rather than forwarding money to an address or bank account provided in an unsolicited email. If you do want to donate online, I recommend doing so via the Disasters Emergency Committee site (whose member agencies include Oxfam, Save The Children and Christian Aid)
>> Disasters Emergency Committee: Donate Online

SchoolAid UK for Tsunami Relief

Website of the Day: Thursday 20th January 2005

Schoolaiduk >> SchoolAid UK for Tsunami Relief
School Aid is an initiative designed to unite schools across the UK in their fundraising efforts for Tsunami relief. 27 LEAs and over 3000 schools have already committed to support the scheme, but every UK school is being encouraged to visit the School Aid website to register details of their fundraising efforts and amounts raised, in order to arrive at a grand total raised by schoolchildren. All school fundraising activities can be included whether they have already happened, are planned to take place in the coming weeks or months or are scheduled specifically for School Aid Day tomorrow (Friday 21st January).

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How to tell if your pet is overweight

Website of the Day: Monday 17th January 2005

Fatcat >> Pet Weight Checker
When I was looking at bbc.co.uk/news yesterday, I noticed that the winners of the 2005 Pet Slimmer of the Year awards had just been announced, and my curiosity was piqued.  On further investigation, I discovered from the awards’ official site that obesity affects up to 50% of all British pets. Not sure if your pet figures in that 50%? Just use the site’s virtual weight checker
to find out.  See also:
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Puppets against Terrorism

Website of the Day: Friday 14th January 2005

Teamamerica >> Team America: World Police
Those of us who grew up watching Thunderbirds may have been rather disappointed by last year’s live action film. Perhaps Team America will turn out to be the film we had hoped for. This is a particularly savage (and pretty vulgar!) satire of American foreign policy from the creators of South Park made entirely with Gerry Anderson-esque puppets. The explosions may be bigger (and the language fruitier) than we remember from Thunderbirds, Stingray et al, but the voices and puppets are instantly familiar!

In the Navy….

Website of the Day: Thursday 13th January 2005

Marinewebawards_1 >> Marine Web Awards 2005
>> Royal Navy Interactive Area
It may not surprise regular listeners to Website of the Day to hear that I don’t get out much, but on Tuesday I was down at the London Boat Show to present trophies to the winners of the Marine Web Awards 2005.

I was one of a group of six judges who looked at over 125 sites from all areas of the marine industry in order to select winners and runners up in six categories. Most of the sites we looked at are outside the remit of Website of the Day as they exist primarily as online shops or sales brochures, but we were particularly impressed (and surprised) by the Royal Navy site. What could have been a rather dry recruitment site is actually a lot of fun with excellent content and interactive features which should appeal as much to people with no special interest in the navy as it does to potential recruits. I particularly enjoyed the online game Commando Adventure and the iFrigate.

For more details of the other winners of the Marine Web Awards 2005, take a look at the event’s official site.

Immobilise Phone Crime

Website of the Day: Wednesday 12th January 2005

Immobilise >> Immobilise.com
Last June we introduced you to MEND UK – a site designed to help you recover or disable lost or stolen mobile phones. The pilot scheme was deemed a huge success with details of over 10 million mobiles already added to the register.

Today we went down to Scotland Yard for the official launch of immobilise.com which uses the existing MEND UK database to help further reduce mobile phone crime.

All you need do is register your mobile details with the site and if it ever gets lost or stolen, you can have it blocked across all mobile networks to render it useless. In addition if your phone is recovered by the police or by a public transport company, it greatly increases the chances of your phone being returned to you.