Campaign to revive discontinued products

Website of the Day: Tuesday November 30th

Puffapuffa>> Bring It Back
Thanks to Alan Simonds for this email:
"Have you ever gone to the shops or a supermarket to buy something you have bought in the past and found it’s been discontinued? Irritating isn’t it. I have set up a forum for people to campaign to bring products back. I’m sure there are many people out there who would like have the opportunity to start a campaign, or perhaps reminisce about a product that is no longer available."
The site is so new that at the time of writing there is only one post on the forum (from Alan himself) but I suspect we can change that! If there’s a product that you wish to see back on the shelves please feel free to visit the forums and post your suggestions and/or product memories.

JK Rowling update

Donotdisturb On Thursday when I featured JK Rowling’s official site, I was wondering aloud how to open a secret door on the site marked Do Not Disturb. We’ve had several emails from Harry Potter diehards explaining the site’s mysteries, and pointing me towards fan sites with more information. We don’t want to spoil any surprises, so all we’ll do is tell you that when (as occasionally happens) the Do Not Disturb sign disappears, you’ll need to solve a puzzle to open the door.
If you’re hungry for more clues these sites should tell you all you need to know:
>> MuggleNet Guide to
>> BraPe’s Hints for

The Incredibles

Website of the Day: Friday November 26th

Incredibles >> The Incredibles
Although the latest Disney/Pixar film is set to be a delight for parents and children alike, the animated website is fairly pedestrian compared to yesterday’s JK Rowling site. You’ll find all the features you’d expect; trailers, cast biographies, character profiles and screensaver/wallpaper downloads. The highlight is the games section, with drag-and-click animated colouring pages and a superhero name generator. From now on you can call me Gorgeous Giggling Man!

J.K. Rowling Official Site

Website of the Day: Thursday November 25th

Rowling >> J.K. Rowling Official Site
At the start of 2004, if you clicked on all you found was a bunch of links to worldwide publishers of the Harry Potter books.  The new version of the site is a much more interesting proposition. The home page is an animated version of J.K. Rowling’s desk, which is strewn with chewing gum wrappers, paperclips, pens, a very cold looking mug of tea and at least one spider… From there, clicking around the desk will invoke sprinklings of blue magic dust which take you to the different sections. I’m not a great fan of the Harry Potter books, but this is a terrific site with a real sense of wonder and mystery.  See also
>> Harry Potter: Official Warner Brothers site

Froogle UK

Website of the Day: Wednesday November 24th

Froogle >> Froogle UK
It’s been a busy few months for the team behind the world’s most popular search engine Google… Already they’ve launched their desktop search tool, which lets you use Google to search for documents on your hard drive as well as online. Now they’ve released a UK version of their price comparison site Froogle. Google describe the service as "a quick way to search the largest collection of stores and products on the web. That means if the item you are looking to buy is online, Froogle will likely find it." Search results can be sorted by relevance or price and it’s as fast and simple to use as the regular Google service.
>> More info on Froogle from The Register

Wedding Music Update

The team behind yesterday’s site of the day: Wed2Music have been in touch to say that over 100 new bands have registered with the site in the last 24 hours. It’ll take a while for those new bands to make it onto the site as it’s only a two man operation, but if you’re looking for a wedding band it’s well worth revisiting the site regularly over the next few weeks as details of all the new bands will eventually be added to the database. Wed2Music are particularly looking for bands who play in Northern Ireland as the site is due to expand to cover that area early in 2005.

How to find a live band for your wedding

Website of the Day: Tuesday 23rd November

Weddingband >> Wed2Music
Having already attempted to compile the ultimate wedding disco playlist, it seems only fair that we attempt to help out engaged couples who are looking for a live band to play at their wedding reception.
Et voila! This is a free-to-use directory of professional wedding musicians, DJs and entertainers in the UK. You can search the database by area, price range and style of music played.  A list of matches will always include contact details for each band (phone and/or email) and (whenever possible) a link to each band’s own website.