Ninja Burger

Website of the Day: Tuesday August 31st

ninjaburger>> Ninja Burger
This most covert of fast-food franchises promises “guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit Seppuku!”. Little is known about the company, but a glance at their history page reveals that Ninja Burger have played a role in many of the crucial events in late 20th century history from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the recording of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album. In addition to the Ninja Burger itself, the menu includes “French Fries of Our Ancestors” and “Onion Death Blossom”.


Website of the Day: Friday August 27th

herculympics>> BBC Sport presents Herculympics
For the people who brought you Tardis Tennis, this is BBC Sport’s online game to accompany the Athens Olympics. It takes the form of an Ancient Greek pentathlon in which you play as Hercules and the points you score take you towards your goal of immortality and a place on Mount Olympus. Events include fencing (to defend against sword-wielding zombie skellingtons), archery (to take out the Cyclops … unless he’s carrying the Elgin Marbles at the time) and minotaur throwing.

Also mentioned today: >> Radio 2’s Big Wall of Sound game
In which Richard Allinson gets made over as a hippy, punk, new romantic and Pop Idol wannabe. Your job is to help Richard break down the titular Wall of Sound.

Gourmet cuisine (and student nosh)

Website of the Day: Thursday August 26th

gourmet>>The Worldwide Gourmet
This monthly online magazine looks like an essential bookmark for foodies. All the recipes are provided by world class chefs and restaurateurs, but where it could feel elitist it comes across more as a very accessible celebration of food and cooking. Other features include guides to the local cuisines and food customs from around the World, kitchen trick and tips and The Art of the Table.

cookbynosAlso mentioned today: >>Cooking by Numbers
For the creators of this site, there’s more to life than ketchup, but not much. This is student cookery taken to its logical conclusion. Type in your available ingredients and you’ll be presented with a list of possible recipes. Bacon Surprise is just one example.

How to get a bunch of strangers to buy you an expensive gadget!

>> Website of the Day: Wednesday August 25th

geofftech>> Geofftech: The 50p Quest
Here’s a site which neatly combines two online fads: Cyberbegging and pointless quests inspired by daft drunken bets. The Geoff behind Geofftech happens to work for the BBC – In late 2002 as a result of a bet, he embarked on a quest to persuade 500 strangers to donate 50p each to help him buy an mp3 jukebox. He tried to persuade me to plug his site in back in March and I was having none of it. But now that Geoff’s completed his task, I have to concede that the site tells a thoroughly entertaining story, and one that deserves a wider audience. I also have to admit that my entire family were suckered into contributing to the 50p fund!

Google, only more so…

Website of the Day: Tuesday August 24th

a9>> A9
With more and more people trying to dent Google‘s 70% share of all web searches, the latest cab off the search engine rank is online retailer Amazon. Their new A9 service uses results and adverts culled from Google, but adds extra features if you sign in using an user name. Advanced features include searching the text of books, automatically saving all your previous searches and searching directly from your browser’s address bar. All useful for existing account holders but if you’re not one of them, you may prefer to stick with Google and try out the underrated but very useful UK based web directory 1do3 for specific UK searches.

Cats and computers …

Website of the Day: Monday August 23rd

infinitecat>> The Infinite Cat Project
Thanks to listener Tracey Moulder for her email which accused me of being cat-ist because she’s never heard me mention a cat-related site. So to make up for my negligence, here’s not just one cat, but (at the time of writing) 260 cats, all looking at one another on computer screens. The end-effect is a bit being in a lift with mirrors on opposite walls, so that you see endless reflections of yourself spiralling off into the distance. I’m not really sure whether this is just an amusing diversion or a piece of conceptual art, but if you like cats and computers you’ll like the site!

Train departure boards on your desktop

Website of the Day: Friday 20th August

tubetrack>> Tubetrack
This is an invaluable free download for commuters. Once installed, it sits on your desktop, and updates its own dot matrix indicator with details of the next three trains to arrive at your chosen station on the National Rail network, London Docklands Light Railway, Dublin DART and the Bakerloo line on the tube.